Bahubali Pakora Platter

Bahubali Pakora Platter is a platter where a variety of batter-fried pakodas or fritters are served along with various condiments. They make a perfect tea time snack.

Pakoras are batter-fried deep-fried snacks which are popular in India. Pakoras can be made with almost any vegetables, and seriously there is such a huge list of these that I am sure if we get down to making them we can easily do 2-3 marathons just on Pakoras!

Today’s Pakora Platter has been an inspiration from Rajani’s Platters that she posted last week. I knew I could not match Rajani’s standards but all the same wanted to give a trial. My post for this platter was ready and scheduled. From the very day I made that platter, I was not so happy with the pics and I thought of redoing, but fried food and that too pakoras was a big NO! After Rajani’s second platter I decided to redo the pakora platter, I knew it was a lot of work, also what if no one ate, but finally decided to send some pakoras to the neighbours in case there was a fuss. So I got all my ingredients on Friday and invited the kids for lunch on Saturday, glad the hubby was at office else he wouldn’t have let me fry so many pakoras..he he..

Bahubali Pakora Platter

Bahubali Pakora Platter

My son asked – Which platter, ma? 

Pakora Platter!

The immediate response – No, it’s a Bahubali Pakora Platter!

Everyone gathered around the table and didn’t wait for any plates, they loved the Pakoras and it was like a party. It was so much fun, everyone, looking for their interest in the platter and then discussing the pakoras and their ingredients. How I missed hubby and his comments at that time. I saved some pakoras  from all varieties for him so he could enjoy them for dinner. I really don’t know what he will say, as I am writing this post right after everyone has left. Sunday is a busy day and this post will be up on Monday.


Pakora Platters are a common sight on the streets as well as restaurants. A Pakora Platter normally has 5-6 assorted pakoras. Paneer Pakoras, Aloo Pakoras, Mirchi Pakodas, Gobhi Pakodas are some of the common pakoras that we see in these platters. The idea behind these platters is that you get a big variety of these and one can pick and enjoy what they like.

Bahubali Pakora Platter


The batter for the pakoras is generally made with chickpea flour, though we see a lot of variation for this batter too,  the most common being with basic chickpea flour. I have tried to make a different batter for different pakoras here.

Up in the North, these pakoras are fried in mustard oil, which lends them a unique and amazing flavour. Some twenty-thirty years back while I was in Delhi I remember the hawkers on the streets used mustard oil, but with time we see regular refined oil like cottonseed or rice bran oils are used. In Gujarat, peanut oil was largely used for deep frying but this too is being replaced with the healthier cooking oils.

Bahubali Pakora Platter

Each state has their favourite pakoras, Bengal is famous for Begun Bhaja, Mirchi Vada is the speciality of Rajasthan and when it comes to Maharashtra, one can’t help gorging on their famous Batata Vadas and Kanda Bhajia.  

Today’s Bahubali Pakora Platter has some of the varieties that we make at home, but most of these are first-time trials. Let me share what I have on this Bahubali Pakora Platter. This Bahubali Pakora Platter is the second platter in the Platter Series under the theme Thali and Platter Festival.

Rajani, the credit goes to you, else I wouldn’t have done such an elaborate platter. Thanks for the inspiration.

Bahubali Pakora Platter


Bahubali Pakora Platter

Aloo ke Pakore
Ajwain ke Patte ke Pakore
Bhavnagri Mirch ke Pakode
Kurkure Kanda Bhajia
Lauki ke Pakode
Paalak ke Pakode
Sabut Pyaz ke Pakode
Sooji ke Pakode
Qeeme ki Tikki
Xtra Spicy Mirch ke Pakode

Fried Chillies
Dhaniye ki Chutney
Imli Chutney
Mint Chutney
Rajkot ki Chutney
Chat Masala
Sirke wale Pyaz

Today’s recipe is Sabut Pyaz ke Pakore.

Bahubali Pakora Platter

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Bahubali Pakora Platter

Bahubali Pakora Platter is a platter where a variety of batter fried pakodas or fritters are served along with various condiments.They make a perfect tea time snack.
Course Snack, Tea Time
Cuisine Indian Cuisine


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8 thoughts on “Bahubali Pakora Platter”

  1. OMG this is indeed a Bahubali platter Vaishali..what a stunning platter you created, your passion and zeal is just too good! everything on it…wish I was there to taste some of those..

  2. Vaishali, I am speechless. You could come up with this big platter of snacks just on a whim, a big wow. You have aptly named the thaali, only a bahubali can lift it. I am surprised you could find that big platter to fit in those delicious snacks.
    My husband keeps asking me to make that assorted pakoda platter which never happens and I just showed him this. He was gobsmacked. 🙂 And I bet there is no way your husband did not enjoy this platter.
    BTW, are those lauki ke pakodes next to pink onions?

    1. Suma , thank you so much .
      It was some 30 years back when my brother came to wish us Diwali , he carried this platter all the way from Delhi. It was full of dry fruits , and this platter has very nostalgic memories .
      Yes , those are Lauki ke Pakode , but there’s a typo –
      And yes do make a small pakora platter for your hubby

  3. Oh my God!!! That’s a multi Bahubali platter….you have no idea how many times I have scrolled up and down to awe the pictures. It’s looks so so awesome!!!! I can’t believe the effort you have put into the platter !! You know that most of my platters had stuff you can buy readymade, I didn’t make most of the items from scratch. Here you have filled every inch of a gigantic plate with homemade food!! It looks so impressive.

    And don’t you love sharing these platters? It’s like a feast but without the formalities of a thali! I am sure your husband also loved this feast.

    It’s funny that my post for today is back linked to you and here you have mentioned me in your post :-). Really really really impressive platter Vaishali, love it so much!

  4. What a stunning platter, Vaishali. Redoing a pakora platter is a little too much 🙂 I make 3 types of pakodas at the most and when I showed this to my husband he is now tempted and so urged me to make a similar platter. He very sincerely offered to help 🙂 Now I am repenting as to why I had to show him this platter :))

  5. I still can’t believe you redid the pakora platter that a bahubali sized one. I am speechless. Look at all the recipes and the sides. I envy your kids. It’s tea time for me here and I wish I could grab some from that plate. Amazing Vaishali… You are great.

  6. OMG. This is surely a bahu Bali platter and you have taken so much efforts to redo the platter. I can’t take eyes from the platter and this looks too too tempting and makes my mouth water.

  7. Wow this is really a bahubali platter…so many varities there are . And I like that you have even served the pav in small size, so that it becomes like a mini meal. I like the stuffed onion pakora.

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