Rajasthan ki Thali

Rajasthan ki Thali is a complete spread of Rajasthani curries, bread and sweets. It is a complete spread from the sandy deserts of Rajasthan.


Rajasthan is my neighbouring state and although there are so many cities of this rich, cultural state, we normally travel to Udaipur very regularly. Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur are the main cities and I simply love to visit them. I love the culture of this state, their food and their colourful dressing.


Food that could last for several days and could be eaten without heating was preferred. Scarcity of water and fresh green vegetables have all had their effect on the cooking. As a result, you shall see a lot of dishes which have a good shelf life.


I have cooked from this state a number of times, yet every time I plan on a Thali, Rajasthan always ranks at the top. I love their rustic dishes and am always in a quest to find more and more traditional dishes. A few months back we were in Jaisalmer and on my personal request they prepared a very special thali for us. Other than that they gave me live demos of their special dishes.


This week you shall see Flatbreads which are special to that state. For this Flatbread Special, I have chosen a menu which has a special flatbread from the colourful, sandy desert, Rajasthan. The Rajasthan ki Thali is my fourth Flatbread Special Thali under the theme Thalis and Platter Festival.


Rajasthan ki Thali
So let’s get to the menu for today –


Rajasthan ki Thali Menu


Rajasthan ki Thali



( a sweet and sour tamarind drink )


Rajasthan ki Thali



Pour Posh Bade
( Pour Posh Bade are lentil fritters from the pink city of Jaipur. These are a winter speciality, due to the warm ingredients in it )


Rajasthan ki Thali



Aamras ki Kadhi
( curry made with mangoes and yoghurt, seasoned with spices )


Rajasthan ki Thali


Pithod ki sabzi
(Pithod ki Sabzi is a Rajasthani curry, made with chickpea flour dumplings which are steamed and then dunked into a gravy. )


Rajasthan ki Thali


Bharwa Parval
( Bharwa Parval are stuffed pointed gourds, these make an excellent side dish )


Rajasthan ki Thali


Ker sangri
(Ker Sangri is a kind of pickle that is a combination of Ker, which is a piquant wildberry, and Sangri are the dried beans of Khejri, both are stir-fried with an array of local spices. )




Mirch ke Tipore
(Mirch ke tipore is hot, spicy and tangy side dish It is one of the traditional and authentic recipes for Rajasthani cuisine. It has a special zing and is spicy. You can call it a stir fry or even a pickle . )



Tamatar ki chutney
( Tamatar ki Chutney is a piquant, sweet, tangy and spicy chutney. It has the burst of flavours)


Rajasthan ki Thali



Biscuit Bhakri
( unleavened flatbread with a nutty flavour, and crisp as a biscuit )


Rajasthan ki Thali



Mota Dana
(Mota Dana are urad daal dumplings, which are dunked into a sugary syrup. The sweet is a speciality of the city if Jaipur, Rajasthan. )



Besan ki Barfi / Chakki
( Besan ki Chakki is an Indian fudge with chickpea flour, cooked with ghee and sugar. This is a melt in the mouth fudge, delicious chakki )



White Rice


For today it is The Biscuit Bhakri, Check it out!
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Rajasthan ki Thali

Course Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine Indian Cuisine


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6 thoughts on “Rajasthan ki Thali”

  1. Fantastic spread Vaishali. I seem to end up making Rajasthan or Gujarat in most of my thalis too..though of course, I can never make this huge platter…Enjoyed reading about all the dishes. I made Mirch ke Tipore and loved it too..

  2. I wanted to make one Rajasthani and one Sindhi thali each and even had planned the menu even before this marathon was planned but somehow both of those did not happen. Yours’ is one awesome spread from which I have cooked only a couple. My limit is 10 dishes and I cannot cook more than that even if I call that a thaali. 🙂 Are these biscuit bhakris same as the one made in Gujarat? I had planned those but could not make it and so wondering. Once again, all those dishes sound rustic but must be very delicious.

  3. My Rajasthani did not happen at all. I learned quite a few dishes from my Marwari friend but sadly I couldn’t make it. Hopefully, I can make one by one. Between your Rajasthani thali is so good. I don’t how you managed to make these amazing thalis from all the states. Awesome Vaishali.

  4. Wow this is another awesome thali and so many of my favourite dishes in this. Looks so good and tempting. I am curious about that Amalvaniya, never heard about it

  5. I have so many interesting dishes to learn from your thali. This is such a elaborate platter with so many dishes complimenting each other. Looks so delicious.

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