Rangoli is a Sanskrit word,signifying a creative expression of art by means of color and a symbol of goodluck.Although rangoli is made on different occasions but the charm of this art is best witnessed during The Festival    of Lights…Diwali.This is made to welcome the guest and above all Godess Lakshmi…The Godess of wealth and Forune.
Here is Rangoli which is inspired by two states …Mandana of Rajasthan and Alpana of Bengal.
Soak the bricks in water for an hour or so. Remove from water and let dry.
I have used Chikni mitti to cover the bricks..actually one has to saok the mitti (mud)overnight,so it becomes smooth.
Make sure you dont make it watery.
Apply this mud paste on the bricks and leave them to dry.This shall take atleast a day.
Dilute white acrylic color a little and paint simple thick designs on these bricks.
These bricks can be arranged in different ways according to the area you have.
This is inspired by Rajasthani Mandana.
You can also glue some decorative mirrors on these bricks.(i have’nt done that but it looks awsun)
Next is the rangoli which is inspired by Alpana,the Bengali rangoli art.
I have taken a square peice of thick plywood,painted with Terracota color,and then made the design with chalk.
The design has been outlined with white acrylic color.
In this particular design I have left a circle in the centre.i placed a big thaali with water and maade a floral rangoli.
A Ganeshji  with terracota color highlights the whole set up.
Then come in divas which have ben arranged in the niches formed by the bricks.
The pathway has been lit with floating lamps.
For the floating lamps I have used takeaway glasses filled half with water and one fourth with any oil.
Place a cotton lamp and light it.
These have then been placed on the mud pasted bricks.
Wishing all my Friends A Happy Diwali

Rangoli with Deep Shringar

11 thoughts on “Rangoli with Deep Shringar”

  1. Rangoli looks so beautiful. Very detailed post.These types are very new to me.Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Wishing you and your family a very happy and safe diwali 🙂

  2. This is soo soo fabulous!!! your house looks sooo pretty!!! Its like diwali is already here!!!

    I hope to try this myself…but am horrible with paints..don't have a steady hand…but you've still inspired me to give it a go!!
    Thanks so much!!!
    Gosh there's so much to learn from you!!

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