Rangoli is a traditional folk art of India ,which symbolises joy and happiness.Decorative designs are made on floor ,normally at the entrance or the courtyard of the house.
Genrally rangolis are done by the women of the house and on festivals and special occasions..Initially these rangolis were done with natural flours and spices,like the rice flour ..turmeric powder,but with changing times chemicals colors ,colored sands,paints ,flowers ,chalk are being used.
Its rather interesting that rangoli is called Kolam in South,Mandana in Rajasthan,Chowkpurna in North India and Alpana in Bengal.The design and patterns vary from state to state.Today I am sharing a rangoli which can be reused.
This is  done on a piece of plywood,you could use a plank.
Paint this with Terra cotta acrylic color.Let dry.
Choose a design and draw with chalk.
Using white acrylic color go over the design and paint.Let dry.
Using fevicol or any good glue stick blings and golden half cut pearls,wherever you want to higlight.
This is a rangoli which I had made three years back for Diwali ..over a period of time the golden pearls have antiqued..but one can always change these to fresh up the rangoli.
This rangoli goes to Black and White Wednesday


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  1. Very pretty, Vaishali. At first it looked like a wall sconce until I read that it is rangoli. I've seen photos of the kind made with flour outside the doors of Indian homes. Thank you again for your BWW photo.

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