BM # 42 Week 4 Day 3

Last week and the last day of BM # 42 and my theme continues with Edible Art.
I have to confess that if Valli would have asked us to do a mega marathon on this theme I would simply love it . This is such a beautiful theme , In fact my daughter in law is enjoying it too. She was disappointed when she knew I was doing only three posts on this theme. She has decided on getting creative and work on this theme…so we both ladies will not give up , Valli you can have this theme again and my posts shall be ready.
Coming to today’s art. I have done a funky face, Since it’s hot I decided that this face wears glares. Simple ingredients..
Remember to blanch the carrots else it is difficult to cut them in the required shape.
Have fun !!
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Food Craft - Funky Face

6 thoughts on “Food Craft – Funky Face”

  1. Vaishali you are so creative and it's nice to know you have company!..I am sure you will have tons of posts ready for 30 days as well..:)..will have this theme on a regular basis just for you guys..:)..enjoyed all your posts..

  2. Funky face is my favorite of all the three food crafts you have done for this theme. I love those colorful glasses on that funky face. I wanted to comment the same day I saw the post in my reader but held back as I did not want to skip the order of commenting and stuck to the links in the email thread.

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