Tempura are Japanese deep fried fritters or pakoras, whatever you would like to call them. The batter is made with a special Tempura flour, but one can easily substitute this with all purpose flour. The batter should be made with cold water so it can give a fluffy tempura.

Tempura’s are made with thin slices or strips of vegetables or seafood dipped in the batter, then deep-fried in hot oil. Vegetable oil or canola oil are most common; however, tempura was traditionally cooked using sesame oil . Like any deep fried fritter this too should be served piping hot.

Tempura are either eaten with dipping sauce, or used to assemble other dishes. These are commonly served with grated daikon .In Japan, it is often found in bowls of soba or udon soup often in the form of a shrimp, shiso leaf, or fritter. The most common sauce is tentsuyu sauce (roughly three parts dashi, one part mirin, and one part shoyu). Alternatively, tempura may be sprinkled with sea salt before eating. I served these with simple Shoyu.

Slice the capsicum.
Cut roundels from potatoes .
Slit the french beans.

You could also use
Sweet potato
Lady fingers
1 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
Salt to taste
Mix all the ingredients for the batter and make a loose batter, which can coat the veggies.
Use chilled water.
Keep the batter aside for 15 minutes.
Heat oil.
Dip each vegetable in the batter and deep fry.
Drain on a kitchen towel.
Serve with Shoyu.
I served these with the Japanese Meal which featured Sesame Fried Tofu and Yasai Salad.

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Japanese Tempura

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  1. Tempura turned out good. I use to make it when I first moved to the US with tempura mix. Have not made it at home in a long time. Your tempura turned out delicious.

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