BM # 64
Week :4, Day : 2
Theme: Summer Coolers

Summer is the season when we get all my favorite fruits. Lychees and mangoes both are my favorite, so decided to whip up a lovely drink with both the flavors for the last day of BM 64 under Summer Coolers.
Again a very simple drink , where I have some mango balls dunked in lychee juice. While drinking you shall get the lychee pieces and at the same time get mango pieces. Definitely a treat.I love fizzy drinks , and find club soda to be the best for fizz. Water could be added , I am sure it shall taste equally good, but I am a fizz lover so I have used Club soda.
Make sure you chill all the fruits., chill the glass too. In fact any drink served in a chilled glass has a better effect and taste.
Lychee and Mango Burst

1/2 cup lychees ( pitted )
1 mango
Club soda

Crush the lychees, do not puree.
Take a tiny scooper, scoop out mango balls.
Pour the lychee pulp in a chilled glass.
Add mango balls.
Top with club soda.

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Lychee and Mango Burst

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