BM # 56
Week : 4, Day: 1
Theme: Breakfast across Countries
Country : Hawaii

One can enjoy various tropical fruits in Hawaii, the fruits are fresh and delicious. Picking some of these I made this smoothie as smoothies are very popular with their breakfast.
The smoothie s a part of the Hawaiian Breakfast for Buffet on table.
Mango and Kiwi Smoothie


1 large alphanzo mango, peeled and cubed
2 kiwis, peeled and cubed
1/4 cup whipped cream
2 tsp strawberry syrup


Chill the fruits.
Blend the mango to a fine puree, adding some cream.
Similarly blend the kiwis with cream.
Taking a tall glass pour some strawberry syrup.
Pour the mango puree and top with with kiwi puree. 
Garnish and serve chilled.
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Mango and Kiwi Smoothie

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