BM # 64
Week: 3, Day : 2
Theme: Summer Coolers
For the second day under Summer Coolers, I have a very refreshing tangy drink made with orange and kiwi. This is one awesome combination. I remember Kamallika fixing me a similar drink for our BM 50 celebrations. The drink was so refreshing and had such a wonderful flavor that I had to come home and make. Well this has been in my drafts ever since but trust me it is one of the most refreshing drinks.

Kiwi and Orange Delight


1 kiwi
2 tbsp orange crush
Club soda
Orange peel for garnish


Blend the kiwi into a smooth paste.
Chill it.
Pour orange crush in a glass.
Add the kiwi puree.
Top with club soda.
Garnish with orange peel.
Serve chilled.

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Orange and Kiwi Delight

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