BM #13   Day 5

If you guys have observed kids are great fan of chinese cuisine.The veg fried rice are of course very popular,but when you make these Paneer Chilly Rice they will really enjoy them.Of course you can make  for  adults too using some extra spice.The recipe goes very simple and if you have some left over paneer chilly..add rice to it or vice versa!!

While making these for kids the only difference is that I chopped paneer,capsicum and spring onion into small pieces instead of chunky ones..a little low on spice..thats it!!

1cup…………. boiled rice
1tbsp………… finely chopped onion
1tbsp………… finely chopped capsicum
¼ cup……….. finely chopped paneer
use these as per taste
Roasted garlic
Soya sauce
Chilly sauce

Heat a pan.
Add paneer ,saute’.Remove and keep aside.
In the same pan add roasted garlic ,onions,capsicum. Saute’.
Add rice ,paneer and the rest of the ingredients.
These ingredients are totally  as per the taste of the children.If they like you can even add green chilly .
Just dress the rice into some cartoon ..and kids will jump on these!!

While boiling the rice  for kids we must make sure they are a little soft as they tend to dry a bit after a few hours.
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Paneer Chilly Rice

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