Pizza Soup
The Cheesy soup is served with Twisted Pizza sticks. The combination makes you feel as though you are eating a pizza..oops drinking..and eating.
Prep Time
Cook Time
Prep Time
Cook Time
  1. Heat oil.
  2. Add chopped onion.
  3. Add garlic and piri piri.
  4. Sauté for a few minutes .
  5. Add the canned tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.
  6. Cook till the moisture from the tomatoes is gone.
  7. Add the tomato paste.
  8. Cool.
  9. Grind to a fine paste.
  10. Heat oil.
  11. Add some more garlic and piri piri.
  12. Add the ground paste.
  13. Add salt and pepper.
  14. Add some water to get a thick soup consistency .
  15. Boil it well .
  16. Pour into individual bowls .
  17. Just before serving add mozzarella cheese , oregano and chilly flakes .
  18. Bake till cheese melts .
  19. Serve with Twisted Pizza sticks made from Pizza dough .