BM # 13 Day 6
Are you guys wondering as to what I am posting…. what kind of rolls are these?…I am supposed to be posting rice for kids lunch box.Well…yes, these are  rice rolls. A different version of the ever so popular Japanese Sushi.Sushi needs to be rolled in a nori sheet which is processed sea weed and has a odur of fish. (more details on nori check here) Maki in Japanese is rolling , and since the procedure to make these is by rolling hence the name…Maki Rolls….a version of Sushi.The colors of this roll and the taste both will attract the kids .
My very first attempt to make these  …..

For the rice
1 cup…………. sushi rice or some sticky rice
1tsp…………… rice vinegar
Salt to taste

Wash and soak rice for about 20 mins.
Addding salt cook them in a rice cooker
Add rice vinegar.
Let cool.
Mash them with the back of a ladle.

1small…………….. cucumber
1 small……………. carrot
Few big leaves spinach
2tsp………………… mango chutney / choonda
1tsp………………… vinegar

Peel the cucumber and carrot.
Cut very fine long strips.
Pickle them with salt and vinegar.
(this can be done at the time you are soaking rice or even much earlier)
Microwave the spinach leaves with a little water for a few secs.
Other things 
Sushi mat
Plastic bag
Sesame seeds

Place the sushi mat.
Place the plastic sheet on this.
Wet your hand and spread a layer of rice evenly on this sheet, leaving ½ inch of plastic sheet in the front.
Spread some sesame seeds.
Place the spinach leaves in a row.
Next place cucumbers and carrots.
 Put the mango choonda on this.
Now begin rolling ,start at the side nearest to you and roll away from you.
After it is done just squeeze the rolling mat with sushi ,so it does not fall apart.
Cut into slices .

Okay friends ,let me tell you this needs a little practise, so please dont make  first attempt while packing early morning.Once you have made these ,the second time it will be done in just 15minutes…of course excluding the rice cooking time.

Trust me these were a total hit with everyone at home .The little sweet taste of the mango chutney gave it that  zing and the mildly pickled carrots and cucumbers…..the crunchy sesame… the taste was awsum.

This was a recipe given by my daughter who stays in Japan and her little 5 year old freaks out on these Maki rolls which are served with soya sauce.
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Veg Maki Rolls

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  1. This is new to me totally. I mean I googled for sushi mats and how to roll them etc. I know I sound silly but can I use the bamboo table mats for this?

    But love this maki rolls absolutely.

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