Sada Khakhra

Sada Khakhra – in a griller toaster is a thin crispy flatbread made from wheat flour. This is one of the most popular Gujarati snacks.

Sada is simple, just with salt, and no other spices. If you ever visit a farsan shop and the Khakhra counter you will be amazed at the variety that is available. We have millet Khakhras, variety Khakhras which have flavours like Paani Poori, Pav Bhaji, Manchurian etc. Then we have the basic ones, like Jeera, Sada, Methi etc. For kids, we get chocolate, for health freaks we have Oats, Ragi! Among the so many variations, one can’t miss the Dosa Khakhras, they taste just like a crisp paper dosa! If you are interested in reading the so many amazing flavours that are available, check here. I bet you will be amazed!!

With so much variety available, still, there are people who indulge in the tedious process of Khakhra making. I have made these only for the marathons, but I have a friend who makes them very regularly. Gujrati ‘s have a habit of making thin rotis, and they make a big stack, as a result, you surely have leftover ones which take a new avatar. This leftover chapati is grilled in a toaster griller, it turns nice and crisp! Perfect with some tea or coffee.

These have just a wee bit of salt, no fat! But once they are out of the toaster grill, you could brush them with some ghee or butter. You could sprinkle some chat masala too.

The griller, a toaster is a simple quick method and an innovative one, but the traditional way to make khakhras is over a griddle. First, the chapatis have to be rolled very thin, then they are roasted and pressed with a kitchen towel. The whole process is done on a very very slow flame. You could check here for the traditional method of cooking these.

Sada Khakhra - in a griller toaster

Sada Khakhra


8-10 Gujrati roti
Roasted cumin powder


Place the Gujrati roti one at a time into the griller toaster.
Grill till crisp.
Sprinkle cumin powder.
Similarly, grill the other rotis.
After grilling one can apply oil or ghee.

Sada Khakhra - in a griller toaster

Some other Khakhras-

Pav Bhaji Khakhra

Sada Khakras- the traditional way

Jeera Mari na Khakra

Sada Khakhra - in a griller toaster

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Sada Khakhra

Sada Khakhra are a thin crispy flatbread made from wheat flour . This is one of the most popular Gujrati snack .
Course Breakfast, Snack, Tea Time
Cuisine Indian Cuisine
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes


  • Place the Gujrati roti one at a time into the griller toaster .
  • Grill till crisp .
  • Sprinkle cumin powder .
  • Similarly grill the other rotis .
  • After grilling one can apply oil or ghee.


Sada Khakhra - in a griller toaster
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6 thoughts on “Sada Khakhra – in a griller toaster”

  1. I remember we getting the Dosa Khakra along with the rest and it was tasting good. Anyways, we love khakras so any flavour is fine with us. My son loves it with ghee and podi drizzled over it..while one prefers plain! Lovely setup!

  2. I wanted to try once the way how traditionally these khakras were made but learnt in the process that there were easier options like roti maker / tortilla maker ones and the one you posted here. With methia masala these plain ones taste good, I bet.

  3. I kept resisting making Khakhras because of it’s tedious process and worried about burning them. This is such an innovative way of making them. Will try for sure.

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