Saurashtra Lunch Thali

Saurashtra Lunch Thali is where a complete Gujarati meal with dal, bhat, rotli, shaak are served together to make a complete balanced meal.

Gujarati’s have fixed menus, the combinations are normally fixed and if you believe they have fixed menus for weekdays too. They must cook moong beans on a Wednesday. Thursday is a day when they cook Channa. Sometimes, I am amazed and find it strange, but at the same time, I admire their ways. It makes work so easy!

The home-cooked food is normally a no-frill one, but it’s the Thali at a restaurant which is really very interesting, let me give you a peek into how and what they serve. For a Gujarati  Thali, you are served the accompaniments like pickles, chutneys, salad, papads and buttermilk first. Then come in the snacks. Usually, two snacks – a fried and a steamed snack are served. The veggies follow and there’s always a potato curry, a seasonal veggie, a mixed veggie, a kathod / pulse, a dry sauté. Both Dal and Kadhi are served next, but normally you are given a choice. Many call for both. A thali normally serves two flatbreads – a chapati and a poori, that is in case of lunch, for dinner’s it’s more of bhakri, rotlas. Ghee/butter are brought along and served for those interested. There are two sweets – one sweet like barfi/jalebi/halwa while the other one is like Aam Ras / Basundi / Fruit Custard. Once the bread course is over they serve the rice, which is an indication that you are done with the meal. For dinner, they have rice as well as khichadi along with ghee. Mukhwas ends the meal.

Today’s thali menu is a no-frill, simple menu and was planned by my Gujju friend Beena. I invited her for lunch, but a lunch where she did the cooking and I stood by her side to help. Well, she is such a pro, she didn’t really need my help.

Saurashtra Lunch Thali


Let’s check the Menu

Doongri Bateta

Tandariya nu Shaak

Ringan Vatana





Bajre no Rotlo


Tadela Marcha

This menu is one of the standard menus of her house. She cooked food on all four burners. it was amazing to see her cooking with so much ease and was done with the complete meal within 30-40 minutes.

Saurashtra Lunch Thali

Doongri Bateta is onion and potato, and here baby onions and potatoes are simmered in a delicious spicy curry.

Tandalja nu Shaak is a green leafy veggie, which is simply sautéed. It is green which like any other green shrinks considerably but tastes delicious.

Ringan Vatana is a semi-liquid curry made with mini brinjals with fresh green peas.

Kharyu is a quick cabbage sauté, just like a salad. Asafoetida dominates it and it can be enjoyed as a side dish too!

Kadhi is a curry made with curd and chickpea flour, it’s slightly sweet, slightly sour. The flavours are very well balanced.

Khichadi is a mish-mash of rice and lentils, laced lavishly with pure ghee.

Sukhadi is a Gujju sweet made with wheat flour and jaggery. Normally it is set and cut into squares. This version is slightly different and served in a bowl.

Rotlo is an Indian flatbread made with pearl millet. Gujju Rotlas are normally tossed with hands, without using a rolling pin.

Bhakri is a flatbread made with a mix of slightly coarse and regular wheat flour. Almost mandatory at Gujju meals.

Tadela Marcha is fried onions sprinkled with salt, asafoetida. The fried chillies are a favourite with Gujjus and you can see them eating with the various snacks like Fafda, Daalwada or Dhoklas.

Saurashtra Lunch Thali

The Saurashtra Thali is the last Thali in the Flatbread Special Thalis under the Thali and Platter Festival. For today I shall share the recipe for Bhakri.

Saurashtra Lunch Thali


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Saurashtra Lunch Thali

Saurashtra Lunch Thali is where a complete Gujarati meal with daal , bhat , rotli , shaak are served together to make a complete balanced meal .
Cuisine Indian Cuisine


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7 thoughts on “Saurashtra Lunch Thali”

  1. Fantastic meal vaishali. I still remember the recipes that Beena shared with us . Talking about specific dishes for each day, well my husband also says the same. I try to do that with lentils mostly when I make sundal. Else it’s tough.

  2. Don’t you think fixed menus become predictable and boring after a while or I don’t know whether one becomes used to it. The meal appears rustic , homely and so very comfy. Thank you for that detailed description about how a thaali should be served. I bookmarked this post and am going to cook one thaali based on it.

  3. I like the idea of a fixed menu It takes the guesswork out of it. And now I know where to look when I want to make a Gujarati Thali! Nice of your friend to come and prepare the meal for you, I can imagine her cooking this meal in 40 minutes because she must be an expert already 🙂

  4. Another fantastic spread and though it looks like so much, I think I can finish it all 😀 😀 , with that bhakri … Fixed menu helps, no one ask what is it and no expectations 😀 ..My bhua used to do it earlier and we knew what will be there at her place daily

  5. I think we all have some fixed menus in each family. This saurashtra thali looks so inviting. Love the way how you learn the dishes from experts and it is so traditional way.

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