BM # 15  Day 3
Shakkargandhi, is sweet potato…and this is a chaat which is very famous in North India.Sweet Potatoes are roasted on coal and peeled, chopped and after adding spices drizzled with lemon juice.Its simple to prepare this , once the roasting is done.These can be baked as well as boiled ..One patta / plate of this chaat and you are done!.The masala that these vendors sprinkle varies, but the basic taste does not change.

This is a recipe where you have to decide on the spices, so I will just give you the ingredients .

Sweet potato..roasted / boiled / baked
Red chilly pwd
Chaat masala
Black salt
Yellow chilly pwd(optional)
Salt to taste
Lemon juice

Peel the sweet potato.
Cut into cubes.
Add spices, lemon juice.
Toss .

a Delhi vendor selling corn and sweet potato chaat

This chaat was served in the Awadhi Thaali

Shakkargandi ki Chaat

21 thoughts on “Shakkargandi ki Chaat”

  1. Your post brings back the memory of eating it this outside palika bazaar. I love eating it with the citrous kamrakh (star fruit)slices.

  2. Oh, your post brought memories of eating this. My mom would just boil it with a pinch of salt and it would taste so good. I like the ones she used to roast on charcoal.

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