BM # 68
Day : 24
Theme : One Category – Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme – Fun with Sandwiches
Cooking Carnival is now at the verge of ending. This week I have had Fun with Sandwiches. I have been enjoying making these sandwiches which the kids would love to see in their lunch box or you could make them for parties.
For today it is a ship shaped sandwich. I have used a stencil to cut this sandwich , but you can make a template and then cut, it is super simple and easy. I made a cheese sandwich but you could use tomatoes, cucumbers or just about anything. The flag is again a cut out from a cheese slice.
Coming to the pirate, well I used ready McCain smileys. Tomato for the bandanna, cucumber skin for the eye patch.
I had no kids around me to enjoy this but trust me it was so much fun creating these food crafts. For once I felt I should have done the complete month with this theme. Perhaps Valli can add this theme in the future months.
Ship Sandwich

What we need

Cheese slices
Wooden stick
Ship shaped cutter

How to go about

Cut the bread with the help of ship shaped cutter.
Similarly cut cheese slices with the cutter.
Cut a cube sized piece from cheese.
Using a nozzle cut out two small circles from the top piece.
Apply butter to the bread and place the cheese slice.
Place the stick and and on top place the cube shape cheese to represent the flag.
Cut thin strips of tomato , removing the pulp and making it even thinner for the cross on the flag
Place the other slice of bread and make the sandwich.
The holes will show the cheese slice.
Slice the cucumber to represent the water.

What you need


How to go about

Fry the smileys.
Take a tomato and cut into quarter.
Using a sharp knife remove the complete pulp.
Taking a pair of scissors cut it into the shape of a bandana which would fit the smileys head.
To make the eye patch use cucumber peel.
Fix the strip and cucumber eye patch with butter first then stick the bandana.use butter as the glue.

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Ship Sandwich with a Smiley Pirate

16 thoughts on “Ship Sandwich with a Smiley Pirate”

  1. This looks so nice, and my daughter is pestering me to make these. I think I don't have the patience to do all these. Next time when we meet, you need to bring some for my daughter..

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