BM # 12   Day 7
Whenever  I cook ,some how there are a few things which have to be either savoury or sweet…I mean I just cant relate Paneer being a sweet…or sweet potato being savoury..wonder why such fixed notions?…and to break this temprament I wanted to create something sweet with paneer.Of course there are these Bengali sweets…but..paneer  as such being sweet somehow  was a little difficult for me to digest.All the same today I have prepared a Kashmiri sweet called Shufta .This is a rich accompaniment to a Kasmiri party meal.Lots of dry fruits,saffron ,cardamon and paneer ..all in a sweet syrup,which is totally divine.The taste buds refuse to satisfy…wanting more and more…but let me tell you this is served as an equaliser and not as a dessert.Just a teaspoon or so…but I bet any Indian sweet lover will not be able to resist this….check out for yourself…..
1cup ……….assorted dry fruits(you can choose what you like)
Few pieces dry coconut
½ cup…….. diced paneer
Ghee for frying

Boil almonds,pistachios,figs,raisins,apricots. (I also used some dry apple slices too)
Peel off the skin of almonds and pistachios.
Chop the boiled fruits.
Heat ghee.
Fry these fruits.
Fry cashewnuts,walnuts and hazelnuts.
Fry coconut.
Lastly dice the paneer into small cubes and fry to a golden brown.

Sugar syrup
½………. cup sugar
½………. cup water
½ tsp…. milk
4-6 ………cardamons
Saffron strands

Combine sugar ,water and milk and boil till the sugar dissolves.
Add crushed cardamon and saffron.

Add all the fried dry fruits,coconut and paneer.
Boil till a little dry.
Serve warm.

Ending this BM with a sweet note..and hoping to meet very soon.
This was my second week,In the first week I choose Daals..a small recap of what I posted  under Daals

Tri-daali Daal  au Joovar-jo-Dhodho


Daal Paatra


Hari Daal ke Kebab

Thanks Valli…the BM keeps us on toes,else we get lazy.


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  1. You simply rocked Vaishali, i learned so many different dishes throughout this BM..thanks for sharing all with us..Shufta looks absolutely irresistible and divine.

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