Sindhi Sunday Lunch Thali

Sindhi Sunday Lunch Thali is a Thali meal prepared on a Sunday in most Sindhi houses. Kadhi, Chawara, and Tooka is a quintessential Sindhi Sunday Lunch.


Today is the last day of our Everyday Thalis, under The Thalis and Platter Festival. After posting a Sindhi Lunch Thali, a Sindhi Winter Lunch Thali, and  Sindhi Comfort Food Lunch Thali, I have yet another Sindhi Thali for you and this is The Sunday Lunch Thali.
Sindhi Kadhi is popular globally, but tell me how many of you know that there are many variations to the Sindhi Kadhi too. We have a Besan ji Kadhi, a Dal ji Kadhi, and a Tamatan ji Kadhi. All three kadhis are made with besan/chickpea flour and the same veggies, but all three kadhis are very different but very very delicious.


Sindh is one of the four provinces of Pakistan, and there are many small cities in Sindh. The Sindhi’s belonging to these different regions had different recipes for the same thing. Each community had its own methods, and hence the diversity in Sindhi Cuisine. The older generation has some preserved recipes, but the younger generation today enjoys the multi-cuisine, so we must make sure to promote the lost recipes.


Sindhi Sunday Lunch Thali

Today’s Menu

Dal ji Kadhi
( a tangy curry made with toor dal , chickpea flour and a particular set of vegetables )

Aaloo Took
( Double fried crisp potatoes )

( steamed rice, tempered with shahi jeera and ghee )

Mithi Boondi
( tiny fried dumplings of gram flour , which are sweetened in a sugar syrup )

Kheecha , Kachri , Chips
( sundried rice papads and potao chips)


Back to the Sunday Lunch Thali, one of the three Kadhi is made with hot rice, which is tempered with ghee and shahi jeera. The accompaniments are fried crisp potatoes, Aloo Tooka as we call them. Tooka are double fried crisp potatoes and a sinful treat. Kheecha, is rice papads, kachri is again made of rice, these are sun-dried, chips are sun-dried potatoes. Kheecha, Kachri, chips! All these are served along with this meal. The sun-dried chilly is a guest here as it’s not really Sindhi, but since I love these with Kadhi Chawara, I must fry them!


Sindhi Sunday Lunch Thali


Kadhi is normally enjoyed with rice, but there are many families who serve bread or pav on the side. The traditional way to serve kadhi chawara is with Mithi Boondi. Mithi Boondi is a sweet version of tiny chickpea dumplings, soaked in sugar syrup. We do not serve the Mithi Boondi every Sunday, but I wanted to showcase the traditional style so I have placed a small portion of it.


This Thali is the last in the Everyday series, for the Thali and Platter Festival. I shall be sharing the recipe for Dal ji Kadhi today.


Sindhi Sunday Lunch Thali
Today is 4th September and my Dad’s Birthday. I normally post a cake, But with a Thali Theme, it was not possible. Fortunately, this Kadhi Chawara was one of his favourite meals… so Dad here is wishing you a very Happy Birthday -Stay Blessed and shower your blessings. We love you.

Sindhi Sunday Lunch Thali

Course Lunch
Cuisine Indian Cuisine


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7 thoughts on “Sindhi Sunday Lunch Thali”

  1. This is totally awesome Vaishali, love the whole plate and what detailed post it is. You have taken so much effort to capture what your traditional everyday meal is and I am still taking in everything. Lovely to know you have cooked this meal to wish your Dad. what a lovely gesture!

  2. Its always amazing to learn about different traditions and food they follow. I have learned a lot about Sindhi cuisine and recipes through your posts all this week. Wish to try few of them.

  3. Dedicating this thaali to your father is such a sweet gesture, Vaishali and I can see why this simple meal was his favorite. And that boondi addition sounds very unusual to my south Indian mind. 🙂

  4. I am sure your dad would have relished this thali. Amazing one as always. I didn’t know meethi boondi is served as side with rice. Interesting. And what’s that next to aloo took and rice. Looks like tofu or is the bread?

  5. Interesting way to serve with mithi boondi. Did not knew about this. The thali as a whole is very inviting and tempting. I love that aloo ja Tooka.

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