Sindhi Thali

Sindhi Thali is a spread of traditional dishes that are made in Sindhi homes. Sindhi Cuisine normally does not have any Thalis but one can always serve a Thali with typical dishes that compliment each other. We definitely have some fixed combination but as such no Thalis.


Sindhi cooking uses a lot of onions and tomatoes. Most gravies are made in daag , which is an onion tomato gravy. The onions are cooked till almost fried, made mushy by cooking further with a little water, and finally tomatoes finish the gravy. Originally chopped tomatoes were used but with time puréed tomatoes are preferred. I have used the Sindhi daag method to cook the Lotus Stem Curry today.


We have some more typical cooking methods like Seyal, where onions is the base of the dish. These dishes are normally served with chapati. Seyal Bhindi, Seyal Bhea are some popular dishes.


With time the cooking styles and eating habits are changing. I remember originally the Sindhi’s ate rice at night in summers and at lunch during winters, and the menu was planned accordingly. With changing times we mix different cuisines and there’s no set pattern, perhaps it is followed too but only in a few families. Also, we have very few restaurants that serve Sindhi Cuisine, one such restaurant is Kailash Parbat which has branches all over the globe.


My today’s Thali is a meal that I prepared while we had some guests for dinner. Normally I would make a Daal, paneer, and two dry vegetables, but today I skipped daal, instead made Aani, which is a fried dumpling made of Besan and then served with gravy. Lotus stems are a favorite with Sindhi ‘s and almost a must when we have guests. Paneer too is a must so I made Paalak Paneer Bhurji and finally the karelas as the dry vegetable. For a snack I made pocket samosas from samosa sheets, these samosas are not Sindhi but have a stuffing which mom used to make for Tikkis.


Sindhi Thali


Let me give you the complete menu


Samosa Pockets
Samosa Pockets
Samosa Pockets are flaky savoury pattys made from ready samosa sheets . I have stuffed fresh green peas and peanuts and used an airfryer to bake them.


Paalak Dahi Wada


Paalak Dahi Wada
Paalak Dahi Wadas are spinach dumplings, soaked in water, and then dunked into creamy yogurt.


Aani ji Bhaji


Aani is a fried dumpling made from chickpea flour, this dumpling is dunked into an onion tomato gravy.


Bhea Mattar


Bhea Mattar is a Sindhi curry which is made in daag style, which is a typical Sindhi cooking method. Lotus stem and peas taste absolutely delicious in this method of cooking.


  Paalak Paneer Bhurji


Paalak Paneer Bhurji
Finely chopped spinach combined with freshly grated cottage cheese and processed cheese make a super delicious Paalak Paneer Bhurji.


Aloo je masale wara Karela


Aloo je masale wara Karela
Karelas stuffed with potatoes, seasoned with mango pickle masala. The Karelas are one of their kind.


For today I shall give you the recipe for Bhea Mattar, the Lotus Stem Curry.

Sindhi Thali

Course Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine Indian Cuisine

12 thoughts on “Sindhi Thali”

  1. wow di that a delicious spread 🙂 you always bring a wonderfully presented and wholesome thali .. eyeing on those palak dahi vada and aloo je masala wale karela 😀 wish I could dig in from the screen 🙂

  2. I have never tried almost any of the dish from your thali. Everything looks so delicious and comforting. Bookmarking this Sindhi thali.

  3. Hi
    The Thali looks amazing and loved the Lotus stem sabji…The Palak paneer bhurji is interesting and the Karela is simply lovely..Bookmarking this definitely

  4. wow Vaishali this is superb. Very well presented thali with so many items. So much of hard work in there. Hats off. I am already your big Thali Fan dear. I wish one day I get a chance for such scrumtious thali spread.

  5. You are so torturous Vaishalli. You allure us with such a lovely dishes . I don’t have the patience of making such an elaborate thali and now want to eat all 🙂 Just imagine I’ll have to satisfy my self with the virtual treat only 🙁 Isn’t it torturous??

  6. Wow, what an amazing Sindhi Thali that is Vaishali. All those veggie dishes sound sooo authentic and traditional to Sindhi cuisine. I would polish this whole thali out — but to do full justice to the thali, I will have to fast for a couple of days and then I will ‘toot padho’ on all these delicious dishes 🙂 🙂

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