BM # 43   Week 2   Day 1

We are in the second week of this marathon and for this week I have chosen to cook Dhoklas. Dhoklas are very popular in Gujarat and one gets to see a lot of variety. These are low cal and recommended by the dieticians, provided they are made at home. If you buy from stores they are full of oil.For Day1 its Sooji Dhoklas. These are my personal favorite and really vey quick to prepare. Normally I do not add chutney, but these are sandwiched with a spicy chutney. I wish the color of the chutney was deeper, but this was again a new chutney so I wanted to try this.Any way here is how I made them.

Sooji Dhoklas
2 cups semolina
1 tsp green chilly paste
1/2 tsp ginger paste
1 cup beaten curd
Salt to taste
1 sachet ENO

Mix curd , ginger, green chilli and salt to semolina.
Add salt.
Adding water bring it to a thicker than dosa consistency.
Heat a steamer.
Add the ENO sachet.
Whisk very well and pour about 2 laddle fuls in the greased thali and place it to steam.
this should be done in 5-7 minutes.
apply a layer of chutney.
Pour another two ladles of this batter.
This should spread on the chutney layer.
cover and steam.
This time you can steam for a little longer.
All the same insert a tooth pick and if it comes out clean it is done.

2-3 green chillies
1/4 cup fafada or some besan farsaan
Few leaves mint
Salt to taste
Lemon juice
Few tsps curd
Blend all in a mixer to a smooth paste.

Mustard seeds
Curry leaves
Heat oil.
Add the mustard seeds and curry leaves.
 Drizzle over the dhoklas.

If you do not want to make chutney, you could simply steam once using more batter. I sometimes temper these with mustard and finely chopped garlic and add loads of chopped coriander. Since it is monsoon, we do not get very good coriander leaves so I have not used.

Sooji na Dhokla / Steamed Semolina Cakes

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  1. ENO is fruit salt which is available at any grocer or chemist. You could substitute this with cooking soda.. For 2 cups of semolina you would require about 1/2 tsp of soda bi carb.

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