BM # 64
Week : 1 , Day: 3
Theme: Pickles and Preserves
Cuisine : Uttar Praesh

For the last day under Pickles and Preserves I have made my mom’s special stuffed Red Chilly Pickle. When mom used to cook and make pickles this one was a hit.She stopped entering the kitchen long ago and is no more interested , with her age she has very simple food habits and says has forgotten everything. Well she might have , but she has a book where she has noted all she used to cook. Since everything was hap hazard, she took time and made a fresh book and gifted me. I was truly touched by this gesture. While she cooked my son always used to ask her to make this pickle and this year when she was here he again asked her to make. We knew her answer, I don’t remember. I smiled and got her book and there was this recipe that we wanted.
This pickle is a Banaras speciality and is best enjoyed with Daal Rice, mathi or pooris.
Since the red chilly is available only for a short time in winters, one should pick it at the right time making sure to buy light weight chillies, else they would be full of seeds. After stuffing and placing the chillies in the jar, one can fill the jar with oil. That is what most people do, but I filled just 3/4 of the jar. The oil is actually a waste, unless one uses that oil for adding in to various snacks, like Mathri. The only drawback of less oil was that I had to rotate and shake the jar upside down more often . I had left the jar on the kitchen counter and would turn it upside down every now and then. So you can decide , though the left over oil has a wonderful aroma and flavor. I could just spread it over my bread slice. Anyway here is a pickle which is very close to my heart. Enjoy.
Stuffed Red Chilly Pickle


500 gms red chillies


100 gms mustard, powdered
100 gms roasted cumin seeds, powdered
50 gms dry mango powder
50 gms fennel seeds, powdered
4 -6 tsp salt (to taste)
2 cups mustard oil


Wash the red chillies and wipe them dry.
Make a slit , making sure you keep them intact.
Do not trim the heads.
Mix all spices for stuffing with about half cup mustard oil.
If you feel the mix is dry you can add more oil.
Check the spices , specially salt.
It should be just right, as the chillies do not require too much salt.
Stuff the chillies and place them in a jar.
Pour rest of the mustard oil in the jar.
Close the lid tightly and shake the pickle at least once a day , probably more if you can.
The pickle will be ready in a weeks time and will last you for a couple of years.

Stuffed Banarasi Red Chilly Pickle

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