BM # 32 Week 4
Theme: International 
Cuisine: Japanese
Cooking with alphabets: “S”

Three weeks of this Maha Marathon have passed by and we enter into the last week where we have eight more posts .I will be posting International / Fusion theme this week To begin with we have Sushi with the alphabet ”S”.

Mango being one of our favorite fruits, I love to make dishes with it. There is a real long list of these and these Sushi’s are one of my experiments with mango. Sushi , as we all know is from Japan.They are made with vinegar-ed rice , fish and nori which is a sea weed.My daughter makes a vegetarian version of this, but some how I cant tolerate the smell of nori. So I decided to make a sushi with Mango .Infact one can try making it with other fruits as well.Mango being a soft fruit I was not able to cut slices with a slicer, so I tried cutting them on the chopping board with a sharp knife. I made a layer with Alphanso mangoes and then realized that the layer was quite thin, so made another layer, this time I used Badaam or Safeda which is a different variety of mangoes and is a light colored.I placed the roll in the deep freeze for an hour and then sliced it.

2 alphanzo mangoes
1 badaam mango
1/2 cup cake crumbs
2 tbsp Nutella
2 tsp strawberry crush
1 tsp sabja seeds soaked in water
Knead the crumbs with Nutella and make a roll from it.Keep aside.
Take a sushi mat and, line it with a cling film.
Peel the alphanzo mango and cut thin slices from the two sides of the seed.
Place the slices of the mango over the prepared mat in such a manner that a rectangle is made.
Place the Nutella roll and roll the mat from front toward back.
Tighten it slightly , and place it in the deep freeze for 15minutes.
Peel the other mango and again cut very thin slices of mango.
Remove the sushi mat from the frig and gently remove the roll.
Make a rectangle of mango slices on the cling filmed sushi mat.
Place the roll on the slices and roll again in the similar fashion.
Place it in the frig for a soft sushi and freezer for a frozen sushi.
Remove and cut into 2” thick  slices.
Pour strawberry crush on top and add some sabja seeds .

To add a bit of color I poured some strawberry crush and some sabja seeds.These two garnishes gave the dessert a completely new dimension. It not only looked pretty, but tasted fantastic.You could serve this with some vanilla ice cream, it would make a wonderful combo.My son loved this low cal dessert, and felt I should be working more on such desserts.

This post also goes for Weekend Cooking where Valli and Champa join me every Monday.

Sushi with Mango

21 thoughts on “Sushi with Mango”

  1. So innovative ,Vaishali!! Love the use of nutella, strawberry crush and sabja seeds!Must try this during the mango season. Bet it is great with ice cream too!Awesome yaar…

  2. Vaishali, i believe such ideas do not even occur to the best of the chefs in the world, stop publishing such recipes for free, you have to charge the world for such wonderful ideas, simply awed

  3. I am stunned. I need to comeback and re read this recipe when i ma making this. What other fruits can I use Vaishali. KId 1 cannot stand mangoes and she is the the one who will love this provided no mangoes are used.

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