Sweets & Snacks for Festivals yes, this is the theme for the September Mega Marathon 2019. Every year we have two Mega Marathons. April and September are the months when we post every day except Sundays.

The concept of Mega Marathons started when we met at Ahmedabad for BM # 25 Meet. Since then there has been no looking back. At least I haven’t missed any of these.

This September we planned on a theme where the first week we would make sweets, the second week pick one state and make snacks, the third week is a free week where we can post any snacks. Last week is a mandatory week where we all will be cooking the same snack on the same day. It would be interesting to see the perspective and presentation of different friends.

The first week I have picked some Indian sweets and desserts. Some traditional, some fusion .

The second week I have picked my very own state – Gujrat. Gujrat is famous for its farsan and namkeens. Each city/district has its own speciality. So for the second week, I shall post city-specific snacks.

The third week I shall continue to post from Gujrat. It’s during the festive season of Diwali that every house gets busy preparing these snacks. These snacks are a common sight in routine too, and they have a good shelf life.

Both week 2 & 3, I shall be posting fried snacks, which have a good shelf life, we could call them jar snacks too. I made these snacks over 3-4 days, with the help of my cook. Since we do not eat much-fried stuff, I packed some for the BM #100 Meet, and some for my daughter. Some were packed to give away to friends.

Week 4 is a mandatory week, we all shall be posting the same snack on the same day. For one of the days, Valli decided on Sakinalu. It looked alright, but when we actually tried, it was something that needed practice. Usha’s mom and aunt were kind enough to demonstrate this typical snack. Finally, the snack had to be replaced by a simpler one.

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Do come back tomorrow when we shall begin with our first post under the theme Sweets & Snacks!

Sweets & Snacks for Festivals

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