BM # 56
Week : 2 , Day: 6
Theme: Indian States
State : Orrisa
Today is the last day under Indian States theme. While planning for this theme, I had originally planned to do a Bengali Thali, which was all planned from the time I had my list ready. Then I was browsing through Rajani’s blog and I changed my mind to a Oddisy Thali. Daalma had been on my mind since a very long time, but it always got postponed. I had loved the Chenna Poda we did for ICC! And then the Pakhala Bhaat and  Badi Chuda, the cuisine just pulled me.
I remember it was a Friday evening and I called Valli to help me with the recipes, my internet services were down and I could not get all recipes. She sent me all the recipes and I planned and prepared everything on Saturday as I like to cook my Thali’s on a Sunday , so everyone can enjoy.
Orrisa Cuisine is simple and delicious. Rice is the major food crops and the staple food . They cook the vegetables which are grown in plenty. The vegetables are normally cooked in mustard oil or ghee. They use Paanch Poran which is a mix of five spices . The word Paanch means five. The mix has cumin , mustard, fennel, fenugreek and onion seeds or kalonji. Paanch poran lends a unique flavor and a wonderful aroma to the dishes. The cuisine is simple yet delicious.
Here is the menu for Orrisa Thali
( pigeon pea Daal with your choice of vegetables, though I used Potatoes, Pumpkin and drum sticks)
Patal and Aaloo posto
( pointed gourds and potatoes , cooked in a onion tomato gravy tempered with paanch poran )
Besan ki Tarkari
( lentil cake bites simmered in a onion tomato gravy)
Tamatar ka Khatta
(Tomatoes simmered along with dates and raisins into a delicate delicious sweet chutney )
( whisked yogurt tempered with mustard and green chilly chilled with some shredded coconut)
Paalak aur Pyaz ki Pakodi
( perfect crisp fritters with spinach and onions)
( rice and daal mixed to make a khichdi, which is mildly sweet)
Boiled Rice
( plain simple steamed rice)
Bhaji Chanta Khiri
(Roasted rice kheer)
Janta Roti
(super soft melt in the mouth flat bread with wheat flour)
Salt, Lemon and Chilly
Daalma got 5 star rating and is on the regular menu.
 Potolo Aloo Posto was a big hit too. 
My sis in law loved tamatar ka Khatta , specially the dates and raisins made it really delicious.
 I am very fond of chick pea flour and loved this Besan Tarkari, which is very similar to the Gujarati Dhokli nu Shaak .
 All in all I must this was a very delicious meal, without too much labour.

For this meal I have to thank a few people

Rajani for inspiring me!
Valli for mailing me all the recipes I needed !
Gayathri, Manjula, Pavani, Usha and Suma for the delicious recipes that I took from their blogs.
Last but not the least My family for appreciating the meal.

This week I posted



The portions will vary from family to family. I made the dishes with the given quantity in the recipe and it served our family of six.
Along with this I made 2 cups rice and just a couple of rotis.
I had no left overs , except for a small serving of Tamatar ka Khatta.
I had all my veggies chopped a day before and it took me about two hours to cook the meal.

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Thali from Orrisa

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  1. Vaishali, I completely forgot about our conversation that day until I read here delicious your thali has turned out!..Your attention to details and all the other things makes it such a tremendous work..I enjoyed all your thalis you have churned out..needless to say this will be an inspiration to so many!

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