Udupi Tiffin Recipes

Udupi Tiffin Recipes are recipes which have collectively formed my platter displaying some of the most popular Udupi Tiffin Recipes.

Udupi is a small district in the Karnataka region of South India. The district is small with old temples and some delicious food. The Udupi Cuisine is globally popular and it’s amazing to see how this cuisine has gained popularity not only in India but all over the world. We see Udupi restaurants in many parts of the world.  In the past, these restaurants were run by cooks and priests trained at Krishna matha in Udupi, but of course, now it is business.

Udupi Cuisine is normally satvik without the use of onions and garlic as well as no meat and fish. However, the cuisine may also be adapted for those who consume these restricted items.

The word ‘ Tiffin ‘ just meant a lunch box for me, It took me a while to understand what Tiffin In South India meant! In Southern India, light meals and finger-food is always referred to as tiffin, an Anglo-Indian word meaning ‘snack’.  Well, I had always considered Idli’s and Dosa’s as a meal, as we used to have them as our dinner. I still remember a small Udupi Dosa restaurant in Delhi which was a favourite with my brother and me. Very often the two of us visited this Udupi restaurant.

Blogging truly has taught me a lot in terms of understanding the different cultural differences of food, though I must say there’s a lot more to learn. Coming back to today’s Udupi Tiffin Platter, it is the fifth in the Platter series under The Thali and Platter Festival. I have a simple, but delicious menu, check it out!

Udupi Tiffin Recipes

Udupi Tiffin Recipes

Masal Dose

Sada Dose

Rava Idli


Togari Nuchhin Unde


Pudina Chutney

Coconut Chutney

Kadalabele Chutney

Rava Kesari

Filter Coffee

Udupi Tiffin Recipes


Among the Udupi Tiffin Recipes The Togari Nuchhin Unde, Uddinvade were new to me. I have had the Rava Idli, but made it for the first time. The complete platter was enjoyed by the family who is great lover of this cuisine. For one of the marathons  I had made a complete Lunch Thali from this cuisine and we had enjoyed it thoroughly. Truly the cuisine is delicious. For today I shall share the recipe for Rava Idli. Some of the recipes have been shared while the rest of the recipes shall follow in the upcoming marathons.


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Udupi Tiffin

Udupi Tiffin Recipes are recipes which have collectively formed my platter displaying some of the most popular Udupi Tiffin Recipes .
Course Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine Indian Cuisine


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7 thoughts on “Udupi Tiffin Recipes”

  1. Tiffin or thindi is breakfast in Karnataka though some may refer to the lunch box as a tiffin carrier. It is probably because sometimes the breakfast items may be packed in the lunch boxes of the kids, I am guessing. 🙂
    That spread is an enjoyable treat for any Indian, I bet. Even we don’t cook all the dishes at once and don’t make that many side dishes.

  2. It was the reverse for me Vaishali. I didn’t know that tiffin mean lunch box for a long time. The plate has so much of yummy food and my mouth is drooling just looking at it all!

  3. Wow amazing platter. Love all the dishes, though I am more inclined for the recipe of Togari Nuchhin Unde and would love to enjoy that Filter Coffee.

  4. Amazing breakfast thali from udupi. This brings back my memories of eating while travelling and we thoroughly enjoy the cuisine. Each and every dish looks so inviting and confused where to start.

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