Wishing all my viewers a very Happy New Year.This is my first post for this year ,so decided to start with a sweet note…Christmas Cake!! posting a Christmas Cake after the festival  is over?….well the festival spirit is still on…so why not indulge into this rich cake?…

For this Blog Hop my pair is Roshini Chandrashekar of Roshini’s Kitchen.Roshini is new to me,and while surfing her blog with some very good recipes I spotted Baking Disaster!!..I wondered..and it quite interested me to know that disasters are also  posted!!..normally we post all perfectly done stuff…anyway after checking the disaster.(Roshini I hope you don’t mind it.) I went on the original recipe on Priyas blog..now this became knid of challenging..would my cake too be a disaster?..let me give it a shot..a few changes and I baked the cake.

Now all went well and the minute I went to preheat the oven…the plug point broke!!…and it was around 8p.m where do I get an electrician?…tried to fix it in another place but no luck….called my neighbour..but she was out!!…called up hubby…and he said he would be late..I felt like pulling my hair…my cake batter sits there watching me with those gloomy eyes..n me sitting wondering  how to save my disaster!!…suddenly  I got up with a jolt and checked all possible points in the house…and finally found one where this one fitted..but this was after a good 1hour exercise..I kept my fingers crossed since the batter lay in the tray for more than an hour and second this was my first vegan cake…well…here is the final cake which turned out super!!…unbelievable ..infact I carried it to my nephew’s  party..and everyone went ga ga over it!!:))

This cake goes to Srivalli’s Kid’s Delight hosted by Veena ,Bookmarked Recipes ,Black and White Wednesday and Vardhini’s Bake Fest at The Pumpkin Farm.


Vegan Christmas Cake

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  1. Its interesting how you picked the wrong in my site and worked on it. good job.. (it was my inexperience in baking that led to the disaster)…

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