BM # 54
Week :1 , Day: 3
Theme: Curries and Side Dishes
Tamil Spread

Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu ! I have to repeat this name at least ten times to remember.Seriously Vendakkai is quite tough to pronounce, but I am trying to get a hang of it. I better do !. Well this dish from the Tamil Spread was nominated as the best dish. My son loved it and so did my DIL ! I had never made a Kuzhambu before and I knew that this dish would be a hit the minute I finished cooking. The aroma of the Kuzhambu filled the house. 
The dish is served with rice and my friend Valli tells me that we can make a variety of these!May be next time.
Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu is a part of the Tamil Spread I made for The BM Buffet and my Day 3 post under Curries and Side Dishes.
Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu

Serves 2- 4

Recipe Source : Valli

6-8 shallots
100 gms lady finger
1 medium tomato
2-3 tbsp tamarind pulp
Few curry leaves
3-4 cloves garlic
1-2 tsp red chilly powder
1-2 tsp mustard seeds
Salt to taste


Heat oil.
Add lady fingers, saute.
Remove the lady fingers and keep aside.
In the same oil , Add mustard seeds , as soon as they pop, add curry leaves.
Add chopped garlic.
Add the onion shallots and saute.
Add chopped tomatoes and saute till mushy.
Add the spices.
Add tamarind pulp, ladyfingers and mix well.
Add a cup of water and pressure cook for just one whistle.
After 2-3 minutes,Gently release the pressure , and serve hot.

Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu / Okra curry in Tamarind Sauce

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