Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee, also known as cà phê đá or cafe da is a traditional  Vietnamese coffee, which is strong and slightly over sweet. It can be served hot or cold.

This coffee is brewed in a special metal cup called Phin, this fits over a mug and brews slowly. Strong coffee beans are used to get a thick, strong caffeinated expresso.

The process is long and slow as the drip method is used, once we have the strong brewed concentrate we just need to sweeten it with condensed milk, add lots of ice, give it a good stir and enjoy it. If having hot, just skip the ice.

If you do not have a Phin, you can always brew the coffee the way you normally do, but the concentrate should be strong.

This coffee tastes best when it is really chilled, slightly strong, a little over sweet. Of course one can always customise as per one’s taste.

My son is a coffee fan and this happens to be one of his favourites coffee. Since he avoids sugar, he adds very little condensed milk, but the rest of us like it sweet, at times we add a scoop of vanilla Ice cream too and it’s a double treat. I am posting the Vietnamese Coffee for Day 2  under summer coolers. Come back tomorrow for yet another summer cooler.

Vietnamese Coffee


1 tbsp dark roast coffee
2 tbsp condensed milk or more ( as per taste )
Ice cubes
Water (250 ml)


Pour the ground coffee into a Vietnamese Phin filter base.
Place the Phin filter strainer on top of the coffee.
Place the Phin assembly on top of the glass.
Pour hot water into the Phin filter. Place the Phin filter lid on top and let the coffee drip through the filter.
If drinking it hot, add condensed milk to the cup. Stir and sip.
If drinking it chilled then fill a tall glass with ice cubes.
Add the brewed coffee.
Pour the condensed milk.
Give a very good stir and enjoy

Vietnamese Coffee

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Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee, also known as cà phê đá or cafe da is a traditional iced Vietnamese coffee, which is strong and slightly over sweet.
Course Breakfast, Tea Time
Cuisine International Cuisine
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 2 tbsp dark roast coffee
  • 2 tbsp condensed milk or more as per taste
  • Ice cubes
  • water


  • Steep coffee grounds in a heatproof container with 2/3 cup boiling water for 4 minutes. Pour through a coffee filter into a heatproof glass.
  • Alternatively use a metal filter.
  • Bring 1 cup water to a boil. Remove the top screen from the filter, add coffee, then screw on the top screen. Place filter over a heatproof glass or measuring cup.
  • Pour a splash of the hot water into the filter; this will allow the coffee grounds to bloom. When coffee begins to drip through, add enough water to reach the top of the filter. Place lid on the filter and let the coffee drip for 4 minutes. If coffee stops dripping sooner, gently loosen the screw to relieve pressure.
  • Stir in condensed milk until blended. Add ice, stir, and serve.


11 thoughts on “Vietnamese Coffee”

  1. We simply love this one Vaishali and my younger fixes one for himself everyday ! for all I had told them not to have coffee, I just made it once for them many years ago and this lockdown surely got down all our fences. This is one drink that’s made daily though!

  2. This is another delicious way to have coffee. I am yet to make this. The kids have been wanting to make this for so long and like Srivalli mentioned, this lockdown has got the kids into the kitchen and its nice to have some one else cook for a change, even if it is a drink / snack.

  3. I’m not a fan of strong coffee, but this with condensed milk surely sounds interesting and demands for a try. Loved your set up Vaishalli

  4. It’s nice to see this post today, because my mother in law is on her way to stay with my BIL and I gave her my Vietnamese coffee filter! She is using it to make Indian filter coffee but I have made the Vietnamese coffee with it earlier. Love that tall cup of icy goodness, perfect for summer!

  5. Love the tall glass of all my favorite things. Coffee, condensed milk and ice! I have been eyeing this Vietnamese coffee for ages but yet to make it.
    Maybe one of these days I will stop lazing and make it. Sounds so delicious.

  6. Vietnamese coffee is my son’s ever favorite and I guess the condensed milk makes all the difference. He just loves it with a good swirl of whip cream on top. I need to make some soon now that the warmer days are starting to peak here.

  7. I have dark roast and I guess I make the filter using my filter coffee thing. Hehe… Have always wanted to make this… Totally love the feel of the clicks…

  8. I am not a coffee person but with condensed milk, I am going to love it. I don’t drink coffee but love the flavor in ice creams and desserts.

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