BM # 65
Week: 4, Day : 1
Theme: Kids Lunch Box

Priya Sri is a blogger friend who taught me an easy ladoo and ever since I am hooked on on these. I love to try new varieties and find an excuse to make these. Suma is another blogger friend who is a ladoo expert and whenever I see ladoos on her blog I drool and wish to grab them right from that screen. Anyway for this week we have Lunch Box for kids as our theme. I made these ladoos for a young friend who had a baby and she loved them to the core.I made three different types and yes, I shall be posting all three this week. The ladoos are healthy and filling and would make a perfect snack for kids lunch box.
For the very first day we have Oats, Walnut and Cranberry ladoos. I am not very fond of oats but somehow I love them in ladoos. So here is how I made these…
Walnut and Cranberry Ladoos


1 cup oats
1/4 cup sugar
Ghee for binding
Roughly chopped walnuts
Roughly ground cranberries


Roast the oats till slightly crisp.
Transfer them to a mixer and powder them.
Remove in a tray.
Add chopped walnuts and cranberries, which have been slightly pulsed in a mixer.
We could add them without pulsing, but this way you get a cranberry flavor which is more prominent.
Add powdered sugar and ghee.
Bind them into lemon sized balls.
Store in an airtight container.

Walnut and Cranberry Ladoos

8 thoughts on “Walnut and Cranberry Ladoos”

  1. Oats and walnuts are not something we usually associate with laddu but these look so tempting. Cranberries must have been a nice twist and a good sunstitue to raisin.

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