BM # 67
Week: 1, Day : 1
Theme: Lunch box Recipes
If you come to Gujarat and you check the lunch boxes of kids you will find Gujarati snacks. Gujarati’s are very hard working and they make fresh Farsaan everyday. It is easy for them to fill up the lunch box with these farsaans .
 Fafda is one of the snacks which I had never made and when my neighbor told me that she is an expert, I did not waste a day. So for today we have a lunch box from Gujarat.
The fafdas are served with green chilly . The outside vendors serve raw papaya chutney and Kadhi with it. Chutneys take a back seat when these fafdas are served with tea.
Gujrati Fafda


500 gms besan
10 gms salt
5 gms cooking soda
1 tsp carom seeds
1 tsp black pepper, coarsely ground
1/4 tsp asafoetida
100 gms oil


Sieve the besan and add carom seeds and coarsely ground pepper.
Heat about 1/2 cup water, add salt , cooking soda and asafoetida.
Strain this mixture and let cool a little.
Test check with your finger, if you can put your finger in this water , you are ready to use.
Slowly start adding the warm water and oil and start binding the dough.
The dough will be very sticky in the beginning and you
will have to use a spatula to scrape the dough from the Thali and from your hands from time to time.
Knead the dough till it is pliable and no more sticky.
The dough is ready to use only after it is no longer sticky.
Take a small lemon sized ball, make oblong shape, place it on a wooden plank and pressing with your palm, stretch the dough forward.
Here is a small video which shall help you to understand.
Deep fry on slow fire . Remove from oil as soon as they change the color.
Remove on a kitchen napkin and serve with fried green chillies.
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Gujarati Fafda

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