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Kalmi Vadas are from Rajasthan,but again a Delhi street food.With Delhi growing there are many street foods which are restricted to the walled city..The Old Delhi.The new Delhi hardly gets to taste these yummy flavours.Everytime I visit Delhi,I must make a visit to Old Delhi…yes…to satisfy my taste buds!! The  chaat who sells golgappas and papri chaat has these Kalmi Vadas and while making papdi chaat adds a piece or two if told to do so.Just Kalmi Vadas with boiled potatoes and chick peas along with kachaalu soaked in sonth…is yet another treat,addition of curd and hari chutney just makes it tongue tickling.Somehow I have never got around making those typical ones tried getting the recipe ,surfed a lot but never managed to get that typical one.Nevertheless These Kami Vadas are equally delicious….with a flavor of fennel and whole coriander seeds.We do not get kachaalus here so I did not make the complete chaat.These can be served as it is and has a shelf life of atleast 15 days.These can be enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee or a nice fizzy drink .

1cup………….. chana daal
1tsp…………….fennel seeds
1tsp…………… whole coriander seeds
2tsp…………… red chilly pwd
A large pinch hing
Salt to taste

Wash and soak the daal for 4 hours.
Grind coarsely.
Add all the ingredients.
Make oblong shaped wadas.
Deep fry.Do not make them golden.
Cut into pieces.
Re-fry to a golden color.
Serve hot or store.

Serving options
Can be served as it is.
Can be served as a chaat with curd and chutneys.

Gol gappe,papdi chaat and Kalmi wadas sold in Dariba Kalan Chandni Chowk

closer view of the original Kalmi Wadas..check there is no spice in these

 pepped up with dahi,sonth and masalas..ready patta of Kalmi Vadas

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Kalmi Vada

14 thoughts on “Kalmi Vada”

  1. yummy, u open flood gates to so many new delicacies. agree with Valli, wonder how you manage to click the pictures on street. The last time I clicked pictures at fine dine, people were staring at me, as if I had landed from another planet 🙂

  2. Valli ,Pradnya..thanks…well by now you guys must have guessed that I am a street food freak…I carry my camera most of the time and click whenever and wherever……..people stare:))..but I dont care..and infact I tell them I am a journalist they are all the more happy and curious..they sometimes share their recipes too.

  3. Lovely.. But kalmi vada looks lil similar to the south indian paruppu vada. I am bookmarking it to do. grt pictures to accompany the post. Liked it.

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