The hot fun game of Tagging in the Blog World!!..Frankly I was not aware of it till Radhika tagged me and explained me what it is.
The challenge is to write a post  on seven themes and link the posts.After publishing the link the blogger  tags another 7 bloggers…and so it goes on ……

When I sat down to decide me I found this kind of difficult…but fun!!
 This is how I have categorized my posts,wonder what you guys would have to say…

The Most Beautiful Post
This was one of my earliest posts..and I love its colorful pictures,besides this was a very innovative recipe!
Again I love the pictures ..must tell you that this post got me a book by Tarla Dalal on Mocktails!!

The Most Popular Post
I loved this post and enjoyed it as much as my fellow bloggers did!!

The Most Controversial Post


The Most Helpful Post
Absolutely authentic syrup with the fresh fragrance of roses,which can be used in a variety of drinks and Indian Desserts.

The Post which did not get The Attention it Deserved
This is a wonderful sweet…but.was not noticed!!

The fusion nutrition packed dish which turned out a  absolute hit, viewers failed to notice.

 another wonderful recipe..healthy too…which was’nt noticed…may be I  was new to the blogging world!

The Post That I am Proud of
For this I got a vague recipe and after posting, the recipe owner,a friend was more than surprised!!..she absolutely went nuts!!..a strange joy of achievement.

Randomly Innovated!!….but relished to the core..a Super Duper Hit in the family.

The Surprisingly Successful Post
The Bloggers really appreciated this one…whereas I felt it was something simple .

Here are some of the friends I have tagged,hoping they will  enjoy the challenge…..
Friends if any of you is not keen on this please let me know,I can tag some other friend.

7 Link Challenge

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