This is a scrap book I made for my grandson….actually when I started ,I did not know if it’s a boy or girl.I could not decide what colors to use.Finally I choose colors which would be apt for both.The cover page was finished after  the baby was born.
All the printed papers have been downloaded and then printed.The book is made from brown paper bags…yes,the same lifafa that you get your samosa in!!They have been joined together and pockets have been created.I have embllished it with rub ons few downloaded images and finally put lots of ribbons.I tried to get some charms but…just could not find anything I put this little baby boy tied him around the wrist ,just as they do in hospitals!!..and put on a cotton diaper.
The book has plenty of pages where pictures can be put and enough tags for journaling.

Baby Boy Scrap Book

13 thoughts on “Baby Boy Scrap Book”

  1. vaishali di ! this is one super awesome book . i totally love it ..
    i love the ribbons used ..
    the other day i read abt using samosa bags ( brown bags ) fer making books .. it looks so pretty n nice !
    and i so want to eat ur blog . plz dun post so much of food .. ( m in hostel .. bad food here 🙁 🙁 )

  2. This is simply mind one can say these are paper bags..stunning..would love to see each and every page..I'm coming over soon to see it..unless, its already reached your darling boy!!

  3. super super cute…. even i am making a baby boy album….. love all ur ideas but the samosa bag is the best…. I could not even have thought of it…..

  4. Wow amazing. I love this idea. Hope I will follow remember this post when my daughter expects her child (she is 17 right now and will murder me if she read this)!

    Lovely idea. You are extremely creative.

  5. thank you so much!!…bel me these words have encouraged me to create… even a better version with the lunch bags….will take a few months to do that..but will surely share that with u all…n as for the video…will call for the book…n try to upload it:)@archana…will wait for a few years to c wat u create!!!!!!!!!

  6. Is is so beautiful Vaishali!!! I've been looking to make a scrapbook for my lil boy since he was born two months ago! but i'm not that creative…i'm going to use yours as a tutorial! Hope you don't mind 🙂 -Nandini

  7. Nandini if this can help u…I will be too glad to share it..but if u need any help we can always work out something…do let me know:)..and hey thnx for all those encouraging words on the Sugary Flower post!!

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