Claudron cakes !!..Well I had never heard of them , till Gayathri announced them for the Eggless Baker’s Group.Thanks to Archana of The Mad Scientist for suggesting such a wonderful recipe.After reading the recipe, I googled about it and saw a couple of videos on these, and I decided to make Claudron Pops instead of cakes.I adapted the recipe from a video at You Tube by Rossana .

This is what you need….
Chocolate ganache
Gum paste
Fresh whipped cream
Edible food colors
Chocolate cigars for decoration

Basic Ganache
100 gms cooking chocolate
200gms fresh cream
Vanilla essence
Chop the cooking chocolate into small pieces.
Place them with cream in a double boiler .
Stir gently till the chocolate melts and mixes well with cream.
Remove from fire and beat till a little thick.
Use as per need.

How to go about with these pops…
Crumble the cake .
Add a little ganache to the crumbled cake to form balls.
Dip a lollipopop stick into ganache and pierce it into the ball, thus creating it into a pop.
Dip each ball into ganache and place these on a butter paper or silicon mat.
Place them in the frig to set.

Decorating the pops
Using gum paste and water bind a dough.
Add colors according to the figures you want to make.
I made a leg and hand using red and yellow.I made the eye with blue and the flames with red and orange.Let these dry and set.You could make these from fondant too.
I whipped some fresh cream and added green color , and spread it on the top of the pop.
Placed the eye , inserted the leg and hand.
I stuck the flames to the bottom of the pop with some ganache too.
The handle is a simple wire .(I wish that was edible  ).
I placed these in a bottle with cigars forming the wooden logs .

The Claudron pops, turned out really cute and my little grand daughters could’nt hold themselves from pinching in.

Claudron Pops for Eggless Baker's Group

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