Excellent source of carbohydrates,high in fibre,bursting with nutrition and vitamins……best before and after workout!
Healthy??….yes,it acts as an antioxidant and is really good for the heartJ
An anti depressant!!…what more can we ask for?

…a combination of the two rolled up into nuts makes an amazing”anytime bite”.

15       dates
½ cup dark chocolate
Few drops orange flavouring(optional)
Crushed walnuts to roll in.
Make a powder of the chocolate.
Add the deseeded dates and flavoring.Blend!!

Make small bite sized balls.
Roll them into walnuts/almonds/pistas.
(let u r taste buds decide)
Refrigerate for 15 mins.

love them!!……n eat without guilt! the tangy orange flavouring leaves a lingering taste..

Date Chocotangy Ball

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