Gajjar Ka Halwa or Gajrella  as we Delhites call it ,is an absolutely perfect dessert in winters.I have nostalgic memories.I remember as a kid dad used to get this sweet from a famous confectioner..the Halwa used to be made of thickly shredded carrots ,cooked in ghee and sugar and topped with Khoya and nuts. The taste and the look was different cause this one was not a mashed up one.each shredded carrot stood out ..all wrapped up with that yummy khoya.Then I remember the Halwa that mom used to make ..this one was grated thin and mashed up.The khoya was only added at the time of serving.My children till date remember it as  Naani ka Halwa!!
Time flies and with that life changes .Today when I have to make this halwa ..the original taste has to be altered ..less sugar and less ghee!!..The health awareness has changed our taste too..or rather we have adapted ourselves that way.
For this blog hop I am paired with Nupur of UK Rasoi. Nupur is not new to me .I have always liked her blog and loved this version of gajjar ka halwa.with less sugar!!..The recipe followed is ditto!!..though the cooking method varies..At this point cant forget to say my thanks to Radhika ..The Blog Hop !!..what a wonderful concept.
Coming to the recipe
4cups …………grated carrots
2tbsp…………. ghee
1cup …………..sugar
2cups………… whole milk
1tsp…………… cardamom pwd
Grated khoya
Boil the milk and reduce it to half.
Add carrots and let cook till milk is absorbed.
Add sugar.This will leave moisture,let it dry.
Once all the moisture dries up add cardamom pwd and ghee.
Cook on high flame till you get that gloss and absolutely no trace of moisture is there.
Cool and store.
While serving add khoya and nuts ..of course heat it thouroughly ,so the halwa blends well with khoya!!



Gajjar ka Halwa / Gajrella

18 thoughts on “Gajjar ka Halwa / Gajrella”

  1. Born in Delhi, I don't know whether I qualify as a Delhilite, but definitely the Gajrella club as I love carrot halwa in general terms. Love your presentation, looks absolutely fab.

  2. It has come out so nice Vaishali, am sure you enjoyed it:)
    I will post my trial a day after , sorry for being late. just got back after a long holiday and still exhausted, trying to cope up with work and home.

    will surely post it by Sat..

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