Kheer Recipes - Indulge into more than 25 varieties of Kheer this Festival

Kheer Recipes, Yes here are more than 25 kheer recipes that you can indulge into, on festivals or simply after a meal.

Kheer is a traditional Indian pudding that is made with milk, rice, and sugar. This is one of the oldest and simplest desserts and can be made in enormous ways. Every Indian state has its own version of kheer and trust me each and every version is equally delectable. With a little imagination, this traditional dessert can be made into a gourmet dessert.

Kheers have always been a part of Indian culinary heritage and have always been a part of our Thalis. These kheers are ritually prepared on major festivals like Diwali, Rakshabandhan. Bhai Dooj, Eid, Durga Pooja to name a few. The kheers are also served for weddings and parties.

Here is a collection of more than 25 kheer Recipes, some traditional, some fusion while some healthy. Come indulge in this delicious, creamy Indian dessert which is simple, yet exotic, which can be served hot or chilled, which can always highlight your party and prepared in advance.

Apple Kheer

Apple Kheer? Yes, the traditional kheer gets an interesting and healthy makeover with a fruity twist.

Strawberry Kheer

Strawberry Kheer is a delicious creamy kheer, a kheer which is more like a western dessert, yet has an Indian touch.

Mandarin  Kheer

Mandarin Kheer is made with Spanish Mandarin, the kheer has a unique combo of Mandarin and chocolate. A dessert your guests will love.

Bengali Chaler Payesh

Creamy rice pudding made in a traditional Bengali style. The Bong community makes it on special occasions.

Tandalachi Kheer

Traditional Maharashtrian rice pudding, simple, yet so flavorful. A must on festivals.


Sindhi style of making the traditional rice pudding. The kheer is sweetened with condensed milk and enriched with nuts.

Sayun ji Kheerni

Yet another kheer from Sindhi household. This kheer is made with a very fine variety of vermicelli, Traditionally every Sindhi family must serve it on the auspicious festival of Diwali.

Banarasi Lauki ki Kheer.

A unique kheer made with bottle gourd in Banarasi style. The kheer is garnished with rose flavor, which takes the kheer to another level.

Paneer ki Kheer

Paneer ki kheer is a rich creamy dessert from Punjab. The kheer has a very rich flavor and is a perfect party dessert.

Makhane ki Kheer

A kheer from the Awadhi Dastarkhana, a royal kheer, which can also be had while fasting.

Jhangore ki Kheer

Jhangore ki Kheer is a creamy, healthy kheer from the Uttarkhand region. The kheer is made with barnyard millet, milk, and sugar.

Sago and Vermicelli Payasam

A kheer from the Andhra region of South India. A total must in an Andhra Thali.

Sheer Kurma

Sheer Kurma is yet another kheer from the Andhra region. This rich kheer comes from the Nawabi state of Hyderabad, A must dessert on Eid.

Carmel Payasam

we come to Tamil Nadu for this exotic caramel Payasam. Made with fine vermicelli the kheer as a very delicious flavor.


The Kashmiri kheer, made with a paste of rice, garnished with pistachios and rose petals, the kheer has a very creamy texture.

Dhan ki Kheer

Dhan ki Kheer is a kheer from Sikkim, the kheer is prepared with the locally grown dhan.

Chak – Hao Kheer

The pretty looking earthy kheer is from the Manipur state of India. The purple-colored kheer is a gourmet kheer and this rice is available only in the Manipur region.

Kesari Mishthan

A kheer from the holy city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The kheer, creamy and is flavored with saffron.

Kesariya Badaam Kheer

Kesariya Badaam Kheer is a rich kheer made with ground almonds and saffron. The kheer is sure to fit a royal meal.

Oats Kheer

A kheer with the goodness of Oats, a twist to the traditional kheer. This one is for those who are health-conscious.


Sago Kheer

tiny sago peals, make this kheer a perfect dessert for those fasting, Simple , yet exotic.

Boondi ki Kheer

Creamy thick milk, with tiny gram flour dumplings, dunked in, and loads of nuts, this kheer is an interesting one with a traditional Indian sweet.

Gulab Jamun ki Kheer

Traditional sweet Gulab Jamun, combined with creamy thick milk, gives this kheer a flavor to die for. A must make at a party.

Gulab ki Kheer

A simple rice pudding, flavored with fresh rose petals. A dessert made in heaven.

Mango Daliya Kheer

Mango Daliya kheer is a delectable healthy kheer made with broken wheat and mangoes, a lovely pudding, and a perfect part dessert.



Kheer Recipes - Indulge into more than 25 varieties of Kheer this Festival

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