Kulfi is a popular Indian dessert,which is similar to icecream.It is traditionally prepared by evaporating milk by slow cooking with almost continious stirring,till the volume is reduced by half,thus thickening it.

This is then flavored and sweetened and finally frozen.These are put in special cone shaped moulds or sometimes in earthen pots(that’s the matka kulfi).Traditionally these moulds were put in ice and salt mix to allow slow freezing,but ofcourse technology changes our lifestyle and now we freeze them in deep freeze!There is a variety of flavors one can choose… the favorite being,pista,kesar ,kewra and rose.

Well in this new schedule at Blog Hop Wednesday ,which is Radhika’s baby I am cooking from Vidya’s Sweet Karamkapi .Vidya’s blog was totally new to me and I really enjoyed going through it,since the festival season has been around I picked up Kulfi from her blog and made some  changes,but you can find the original recipe here.

Here  goes the recipe…..

1lt………… milk
¼ tsp…… cardamom pwd
¼ tin …….condensed milk
Sugar to taste

Reduce the milk to half.
Add cardamom pwd and condensed milk.
Remove from fire.
Cool.pour into moulds.
I did not add any sugar,the sweetness of condensed milk was just right..but check the sweetness before removing from fire.

Blueberry Sauce
1 cup ……..frozen blueberries
½ cup …….sugar
¼ cup……. water

Cook all the three for 7-8 minutes.
Add 1tsp orange zest.(optional)

I wanted to serve this kulfi in a different style ,kind of fusion ,so I made blueberry sauce and some sugar strands.You could serve  this as it is or with a sauce of your choice,or even with falooda!!

Once the kulfi is demoulded pour some sauce over it.

This goes to Susan for Black and White Wednesday

Kulfi with Blueberry Sauce

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