The Indian Cooking Challenges are something that I always look forward to. At times I know my family will not relish the dish but yet I do not like to miss these challenges.It is a good chance to learn the traditional dishes of our country. I know the basic taste of the family, but all the same If it is a sweet version I make a small portion.

This month we have a sweet Pathiri Chatri. This is a tradidtonal dish from Kerela and Anita has done an awesome job of it. Pathiri are thinly rolled chapatis, lightly cooked on a griddle.This recipe reminded me of enchiladas, where we make corn rotis and then dip them in a sauce, fill with a stuffing and pour sauce to moisten .This is a similar recipe, we have the same chapatis, flour is different, both are dipped in sauce, both are filled with a stuffing and finally a sauce is poured in both…and not to forget they both are baked ,one is a savory version the other is a sweet version.

1 cup all purpose flour
1/3 cup warm water
1 tbs vegetable oil / ghee

Half tin condensed milk
1 tsp ghee
7 tbsp grated coconut
3 tbsp raisins
3 tbsp cashew nuts
3 tbsp almonds

3 tbsp pistachios
4 tbsp poppy seeds
3 tbsp cardamom powder
To coat and pour
1 tetra pack coconut milk
5 tbsp mix of cardamom powder and powdered sugar
Add ghee/ oil to the flour and knead into a dough like that of chappati. Keep it covered for half an hour.
Divide the dough into 8 equal portions.Using a roller pin, roll it out into paper-thin chapatis/round flat bread .
I used my baking dish as template and cut these chapatis into rectangles, but circular ones are as good.
Heat a griddle and cook the chapatis lightly on a tawa. Keep them aside.
Note:You can vary the size of the chapati depending on the size of the pathiri chatri or the vessel in which you are baking it.

Heat a pan
Add ghee and saute raisins, cashew nuts, poppy seeds, almonds and pistachios
Sauté grated coconut along with cardamom powder until they start to change the colour .
Mix the above with half a tin of condensed milk and keep aside. Taste to check the level of sweetness. Add more condensed milk if required.

For the coating and the assembling.
Add cardamom powder and powdered sugar to the coconut milk and keep aside.
Take a baking tray, or a deep skillet and spread a little oil or ghee / clarified butter all around.
Dip the chapati in the coconut mixture and place it in the greased dish as the first layer.
Using a spoon sprinkle the stuffing on it.
Dip the second chapati in the coconut milk mixture, coat well and place it on top of the filling.
Repeat the stuffing and make similar layers till all the chapatis and stuffing is over, the top layer will not have any stuffing.
Pour the left over coconut mix,all around the dish so that Chatti Pathiri is moist.
Garnish with nuts.
Bake in oven for about 15 minutes or until the top of pathiri turns golden.

Alternately you can  cook it on a stove top in a non stick deep skillet or deep pan. All you have to do is to place it at a very low flame and flip it carefully to cook on the other side.

The flipping becomes a bit easy when the lowest layer of flat bread/pathiri is a little hard. When both the sides have cooked well,  slide it out of the pan into the serving plate.

This is a sweet that we all loved..yes in spite of it being sweet every one ate it and loved it.I know that I will be making it very often specially in winters when I look for desserts full of dry fruits.This one will surely be a party hit too..serving it with Ice cream will make it a real cool combo.I wish I had ice cream in my frig..Ah…never mind will make it again and serve it.

Pathiri Chatri from Kerala for Indian Cooking Challenge

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