I have never tried my hands on Bengali cuisine…absolutely nothing.Infact I have a very good Bengali friend but her life style is such that we hardly get a chance to be with her.When Indian Cooking Challenge was announced I first wanted to call her and ask about this sweet, but unfortunately she is out of country.Anyway life moves on..I decided to make without any hesitation. I cut down the recipe , as my son who is my critic.. is off sugar , I too avoid sweets…I did’nt know whom to feed. Anyway lets get to the recipe…..

Crepe batter
1 ½ cups……….. maida
¼ cup……………. sooji
1tbsp…………….. rice flour
2 cups or a little more milk
Mix the flours.
Make a batter by adding milk, gradually  so no lumps are formed .
Let rest for about 10 minutes.
Check on the batter, if you need to add more milk do so.
On a non stick pan spread the crepes .
Flip over and cook the other side too.


1 ½ cups ……….coconut,fresh grated
50 gms…………. khoya
½ cup…………… sugar(date palm jaggery can be used)
Add sugar to the grated coconut.
Mix well with hands.
Microwave the khoya for a few seconds.
In a pan put the grated coconut mix and khoya.
Place on slow fire ,stirring regularly.
Cook till pink in color.
Add cardamom powder.

Place a crepe on the plate.
Place the stuffing in the centre.
Fold it from both sides.
Drizzle condensed milk.
Garnish with nuts.


The crepes were made without any difficulty.The stuffing came out delicious.I loved the  coconut flavor..I took the plate to my hubby,who liked the dessert,but found it on the sweeter side, I made my son taste a wee.wee..bit..and the same comment..very sweet..and now was my turn…I simply loved it!!..sweet, yes it was..but I guess I can cut down the sweetness and instead of drizzling condensed milk..I can make some home made rabri which will not be as sweet.In fact I think it’s a fantastic dessert ,without butter , ghee…and yet so delicious.Thanks Valli!!I thoroughly enjoyed making this one.
On second thoughts I think one can make crepes and use some left over mithais as stuffing.What say?

Poush Parbon er Pati Shapta... Bengali Sweet for Indian Cooking Challenge

8 thoughts on “Poush Parbon er Pati Shapta… Bengali Sweet for Indian Cooking Challenge”

  1. You have really done a nice job Vaishali.And the way you presented it needs real applause.I can guess how you would have enjoyed making !

  2. Omg, with all those nuts and condensed milk drizzled over that crepes,makes me drool. Even my H and kids found it bit sweet but i simply relished the whole plate.

  3. Looks so delicious and love your presentation Vaishali. We loved it too. As a variation I filled them with icecream and it was out of the world. Such a delicacy and thanks to Valli for such a great recipe.

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