Raj Kachori is a typical Rajasthani street food, which has become very popular .It is available in all chaat shops .Recently I visited Haldiram which is a very popular joint with Mithai walas and they have a wonderful food court..yes for all the street food plus South Indian, North Indian..oh you name it.We ordered for Raj Kachori, though I have had this many times, but this time I dissected the Kachori.I wanted to see what exactly went in.Well yes we have Raj Kachori as this month’s challenge for Indian Cooking Challenge.

Raj Kachori is like a giant pani puri and is well puffed and very crisp.The trick with it is that you have to adjust the flame every now and then so you can get a real crisp one.Of course if it does not puff..you cannot fill, but one can use it for papadi. The kachoris can be made in advance, just that they should be stored well.We have a number of fillings which again are simple to gather, except for dahi wada which one has to make,It is strange that I do not have the recipe for dahi wadas on my blog, though I must have made them umpteen times.These are the regular udad daal dahi wadas that we make. Papdi , sev, boondi are all store bought.

Dough for kachori
1 cup all purpose flour
ยผ cup semolina
2 pinches baking soda
Mix both the flours .
Add baking soda and knead into a semi soft dough.
Cover and leave for 30 minutes.
Divide the dough into 14 parts and make balls.
Flatten a ball and roll it into a disc about 3โ€™โ€™.
Deep fry , adjusting the flame from slow to medium and vice versa, till you get a real crisp golden kachori.
Make all the kachoris in the similar manner.

Boiled potatoes chopped finely
Boiled moong sprouts
Boiled black channa
Boondi, soaked for 10 minutes and squeezed
Dahi wada

Fresh beaten curd

Dry spices
Chaat masala
Peeli mirch
Red chilly powder
Black salt

Fine sev
Coriander leaves

Fill the kachori in the following order..
Dahi wada
Black channa
Sprinkle spices
Pour curd
Sweet chutney
Spicy chutney
Garlic chutney
Fine sev
The curd and sauces , dry spices all can vary according to ones taste.Step by step pics to fill raj kachori

This was the first time I made  Raj Kachori at home. Every one in the family enjoyed it and the taste was as good as Haldiram !!

After making this Raj Kachori I had it again and this time I saw it being filled at Haldiram, I realized that I had not filled mine with enough curd and chutneys…so I filled another kachori with lots of curd and chutneys.This tasted better as all the filling ingredients were really moist and well soaked in these sauces.Make sure you chill the sauces to give it that highlighted taste.

Raaj Kachori for Indian Cooking Challenge

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  1. What an amazing treat Vaishali. I'm drooling over the clicks here. I made this today, but didn't get a chance to take pictures. Will have to make again tomorrow for the clicks. But I'm not one bit worried since we LOVED to the core, don't mind making it again ๐Ÿ™‚

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