BM # 15   Day 6

During summers a Gujju home must serve aam ras for lunch..A chilled bowl of this ras is welcome anytime, but Gujrati’s have it along with their meal.It has to be either Ras Rotli or Ras Puri,along with the other vegetables ,daals..etc..etc…I love these special rotis they make,they are paper thin and smeared lavishly with ghee.Making roti is a everyday feature for all of us here in India..but this particular roti…it is mind blowing and you will see the children(then I must include myself) jumping on them..4-5 chapatis is no big deal!!

The ras too will taste different in a Gujju home..why?…well a particular combination of mangoes is used..and a particular ratio…ok…I wont waste too much time in the introduction let me get on to the recipe…

Ras / Mango puree’
6………….payari mango
4……….…kesar mango
Yes the ratio is 60;40
But if you don’t get these mangoes its perfectly ok..use what you get and check the sweetness.
The traditional way to make ras is by pressing the mangoes and then rubbing them between your palms to make it soft.(Does’nt it remind you of your childhood days.)
Cut the top.
Remove pulp.
At this point DON’T throw the skins and seed (I shall give you the recipe for mango curry in a further post).
Once done strain the pulp,if you find it very thick add some water.
With these two varieties of mangoes no sugar is required.
Chill the ras.

Dough for chapatti.
Make 2 small balls of dough.
Roll in circular motion,forming discs..the size of a saucer.

Apply ghee on disc 1 and sprinkle rice flour.

Top with disc 2 

Press lightly.
Roll with a thin rolling pin in a circular motion till a thin roti is formed.
Roast on a heated gridle.Turn it around once.that’s it.
No blisters.
Remove.Flip it open .

Apply ghee on both the rotis.

Stack all the rotis and wrap them in a warm napkin or foil.
They stay good till next day.

I served these rotlis in the Seasonal Gujrati Thaali

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Ras Rotli

17 thoughts on “Ras Rotli”

  1. u r so rite about how GUjjus eat their ras…it has to be a combination and in proportion…also the rotli cant have any spots…my MIL told me about it on day 1 of marriage, imagine my state until she told she was kidding

  2. i need a bowl of Aam Ras now!!! it is so tempting, all i get here is Alphonso!!! My Dad still eats mangoes the way you describe, rolling inbetween your palms and straw it through the head, aam-ras dripping till your elbows, heavenly!!!!

  3. Vaishali.. Now I know the secret. I always wonder how the gujarati aam ras is so different. My mom was brought up there and we used to go to gujarat (ahmedabad) as kids. I love all the dishes that I have tried there. my moms friends used to pamper us

  4. Rotli looks soft and thin…love to have it anytime.I had tried this combo in one of my hubby's colleague's place.It tasted heavenly,I can imagine how tasty it would be…my mouth is watering…

  5. Those are some Rotis! While I am loving all the thali recipes I am seeing, your is by far the best. I can see you have put your heart and soul in preparing these wonderful dishes and then ofcourse the way you have presented these..its really a feast for all the senses.Kudos to your efforts!

  6. I misread the first time that its aam ras roti and was expecting mango puree in the dough and was totally intrigued. The aam ras method is so interesting to read and the roti is so thin and absolutely delicious. Good one Vaishali…

  7. The roti looks so soft and so nice. I loved them when you featured it in the thali. Nice to have the recipe too. I am bookmarking these, will try it sometime, though I doubt whether I will be able to replicate it!

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