BM # 27   Day 22
Seasonal: Summer

Kulfi is an Indian Ice cream Unlike the ice creams available in the market traditionally these are flavored with cardamoms and nuts. Of course with fusion foods, even kulfis are taking new avatars and we see lot of fusion flavors.

Kulfis are best made with full fat milk. Reducing milk on an even flame and adding khoya or condensed milk makes these kulfis rich. The addition of nuts and cardamons is kind of must.

I prepared this Kulfi for a dinner . I had some gulab jamuns, which I wanted to use and a  gulab jamun Kulfi evolved.I used khoya and chenna to make the milk thick, if you do not have chenna, khoya will also do. One can use any left over burfi too. Adding gulkand gives the Kulfi a very pleasant rose flavor, and the addition of gulab jamuns…surely gives a new dimension to this wonderful Indian dessert.I did not churn the gulab jamuns, just crumbled them so while eating you get these jamun pieces , and they tasted awesome.

1 lt full fat milk
250 gms khoya
250 gms gulab jamun
5 figs, finely chopped
1/4 cup almonds, pistachios , chopped
1 tsp cardamon powder
2tbsp chenna
2 tbsp gulkand / rose preserve
Sugar to taste
Boil milk and reduce one fourth.
Add khoya and reduce further one fourth.
Add chenna, figs and nuts, cardamon powder.
Let boil.
Add gulkand,and crumbled gulb jamuns, let boil.
Check for sugar, if you need you can add sugar, and boil once.
By now the milk has reduced to more than half.
Cool.pour into kulfi moulds, or set in a tray.
Freeze overnight.
Serve with falooda and rose syrup.

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Gulabi Gulab Jamun Kulfi

20 thoughts on “Gulabi Gulab Jamun Kulfi”

  1. OMG Vaishali your creativity is always so high! that picture and it's so tempting!..Now who are those who had the pleasure to dig in?..:))..will swap places with them ok..

  2. Forever something new from you. Lucky guests who at this!! Making kulfi with leftover barfis/khoya is very interesting indeed .I'll try next time I have either of those. Love the way you have present this with the rose syrup

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