BM # 13   Day 1
Packing lunch for children is a job in itself.All the time we mom’s are worried..and most of the times the school rules dont allow  messy stuff in school,besides they ..for that matter even parents want healthy stuff in lunch boxes.Well,even though my children are out of school now,yet I always enjoyed packing their lunch boxes when they were in school.packing rice for lunch box!!..very interesting theme!!..

For the first day I have cooked soya rice for these kids.This will give them their share of protein  and they are so quick to prepare.

½ cup……….. rice ,washed and soaked

2tbsp ………..soya(chunks and granules)

1tsp…………. dried /fried brown onion

1………………..tomato pureed

Few corriander leaves

pinch each…

Chilly pwd

Garam masala

Turmeric pwd

Salt to taste

Soak the soya in warm water and drain and squeeze till needed.
Heat oil in a pan.
Add onion.Saute’.

Add tomato puree.

Add soya.

Add spices.


Add rice and saute’again.
Add 1 cup water.

(this depends on the quality of rice you choose)

Transfer to the rice cooker.

Once done pack them in a round bowl.

Turn them upside down.

Make some hair with tomato peel and use shredded cabbage for the highlighted strands ,olives for eyes and red bell pepper for lips!!

I am sure the kids will love this..
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Soya Rice

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