I love browsing the international section in a super market. One gets to see plenty of new products and some of the ingredients truly fascinate. I picked up a packet of Rotella Pasta on one of my visits .Rotella is a type of pasta resembling wheels with spokes. I somehow loved this round shape which resembles one of the fry yums variety. After checking the ingredients, I picked up the pasta. I have recently discovered that many pastas contain eggs and that is not acceptable to me, hence checking the ingredients is a must. It might sound funny but at home I have a magnifying glass to check!! So for this weekend we have Rotella Pasta with red and white sauce.Do check what my friends Valli and Champa are upto!

1 cup boiled pasta 
1 cup white sauce 
½ cup red sauce 
1 tsp oregano 
½ tsp chilly flakes 

White sauce 

3 tbsp wheat flour 

1 cube cheese 

1 ½ cup milk 
Salt and pepper to taste 
Roast the flour in a non stick pan till it gets a mild pinkish colr. 
Transfer the flour to another pan. 
Let cool. 
Add milk and blend the flour, making sure no lumps are formed. 
Put the pan on fire and let boil. 
Keep stirring and the sauce will become thick. 
Add a cube of cheese . 
Add salt and pepper.
Remove and keep aside. 
This is a sauce which has zero oil and made from wheat flour,you could make it totally fat free by avoiding the cheese.
Red Sauce 
6 tomatoes 
1 onion, finely chopped 
2 cloves garlic 
2 tbsp tomato ketchup 
Salt to taste 
Blanch the tomatoes, peel and puree. 
Heat 1 tsp oil. 
Add chopped garlic and onion. 
Saute’ for a few minutes. 
Add tomato puree’, let cook. 
Add ketchup, salt and a pinch of sugar. 
Cook till a little thick. 
Assembling the pasta 
Place the boiling hot pasta in the serving plate. 
Pour the cooked white sauce. 
Pour the red sauce .
Place some cheese or sprinkle grated cheese. 
Sprinkle herbs of your choice. 
The pasta should be freshly boiled, to get the best taste. 
The sauces have to be piping hot. 
Since there is hardly any oil or butter you could add a generous amount of cheese. 
Tastes best if served hot!!

Rotelle Pasta with Red and White Sauce

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  1. This is the first time I am seeing Rotella Pasta Vaishali..even I end up checking every packet for red or green sign..:)..nice one pot meal..

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