Bengali Vegetarian Thali

Bengali Vegetarian Thali is a Thali with a set of typical vegetarian Bangla dishes from the Eastern state of Bengal, India.

Bengali Vegetarian Thali! well, probably it is very rare that a Bangla Family would serve such a Thali as Bengali’s love their fish! Rice and Fish are their staples! Their food is generally cooked in mustard oil and seasoned with Paanch Poran. The spice mix is made with Mustard, cumin, fenugreek, fennel and nigella seeds, paanch is five which refers to these five seasoning seeds.

A Bengali Vegetarian Thali was on my mind for a very long time. It is the use of mustard oil that kept me away from it. Actually I love dishes cooked in mustard oil, it’s the hubby who can’t eat . While talking to a Bengali friend I was told that it is perfectly okay to cook with regular cooking oil. So here I am with a Bengali Vegetarian Thali.

Unfortunately, my Bengali friend was away while I was planning on this Thali, but since we have community living, I discussed the menu with a Bengali who lives in the neighbouring block. I served theThali for our Diwali Dinner. The Bong was amused to know that I was cooking this spread on Diwali, even though we have no Bongs to please in our family!

Bengali Vegetarian Thali

The starting course is made from bitter vegetables or herbs, often deep-fried. Portions are usually tiny, a spoonful or so to be had with rice and this course is considered to be both a palate-cleanser and of great medicinal value. The ingredients used for this course change seasonally, but commonly used ones are bitter gourds or Uchee as the Bongs call it.

After this they have different courses that follow, there’s a Dal Course, a Meat Course, a Fish Course, Chutney course and of course a Sweet course but since I was serving Vegetarian, I could not go authentically. I read Sandeepa’s guest post and if you guys want to know more in detail regarding this cuisine, I would highly recommend you to read it. The post gives you complete insight!

I have always had a taste for the Bengali Sweets, especially Rasgullas. Whenever I talk of rasgullas it takes me back to my childhood memories where we challenged my brother’s friend to eat 20 of these! And he ate but has never had them after that day. It’s a topic we all love to talk whenever we meet. Some memories just make you smile. I served Orange Rasgullas, the Rasgullas were store-bought, but  I prepared the orange pulp and syrup and kept them to soak till they were well infused in the orange flavour.

Bengali Vegetarian Thali

Bengali Vegetarian Thali

Today’s Vegetarian Bengali Thali is the sixth and the last  Regional Thali for the Thali and Platter Festival and I shall be sharing the recipe for the Pineapple Chutney, which is called Anarosher Chutney in Bangla. Before that let’s check the menu –

Bengali Vegetarian Thali Menu
Salt, chilly, Lemon
Fried Papad
Anarosher Chutney
Tamatoer Khajur Chutney
Ucche Bhaja
Chapor Ghanto
Chanar Dalna
Alur Dum
Potol Posto
Sobji Diye Moong Dal
Misti Doi
Orange Rosagulla

Bengali Vegetarian Thali

Here are some other Bengali dishes that are interesting, check out !

Bengali Veg Chop

Bengali Chaler Payesh

Alur Dum 



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Bengali Vegetarian Thali

Course Lunch
Cuisine Indian Cuisine



6 thoughts on “Bengali Vegetarian Thali”

  1. Wow, mind blowing spread Vaishali. Even though I wanted to make it from that state, I had to keep away knowing my family may not like it all…However, all the dishes sound awesome and I won’t mind if somebody cooks it for me..hehehe.. Totally enjoyed all the thalis you dished out this week Vaishali.

    With your dedication and love for thalis, this is a breeze, still, you do set very high standards for us to meet up..:)

  2. For the last week, I had some regional thalis in mind and Bengali thali was one among them. I did my research but I had to change the theme with that happening. I realized the same, the concept of vegetarianism is rare there. I did try a few recipes and the good thing was we not got used to mustard oil. 🙂
    You have made a brilliant spread and Bengali thali for Diwali eve sounds interesting. No wonder your friends were surprised.

  3. That is another well planned and executed thali. Kudos to all your efforts. I too had the idea but due to time constraints didn’t attempt it. All the dishes looks so delicious.

  4. Wow, amazing thali this is and specially vegetarian one. As many complain that they hardly have a few items in Veg in Bengali. Love each and every dish and so very well planned out.

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