BM # 60
Week :4 , Day: 1
Theme: Bakes Snacks
Week 4 begins and for this week I have picked the theme Holiday Bakes. For the very first day I made these cup cakes and placed a Choco fill cookie in them. The cup cakes are made with ready cake pre mix.
I love using cake mixes for the simple reason that it is a quick process to make cakes or any other bakes. I normally do stock vanilla as well as chocolate pre mixes. These cup cakes have been made by the vanilla pre mix and to give the cup cakes a twist I added a choco fill cookie to it. Once the cup cake is done and while it is still warm just take a bite and you are going to love the gooey cream that the cookie has, it kind of melts in your mouth.
You surely have the option of making these cup cakes with any vanilla cake recipe, but do add this cookie to it for that extra touch. Kids love them as they get both their favorites..cookies as well as cake.

Choco fill cookie cupcakes



150 gms vanilla cake pre mix
30 ml oil
75 ml water
1 pack choc fill cookies


Preheat the oven to 180 deg C.
In a mixing bowl mix the cake mix , water and oil with a blender.
Mix till just well mixed, do not over beat.
Prepare the cup cake moulds with liners and pour a tsp of the batter .
Place the cookie and pour more batter on top to cover the cookie.
Place in the oven to bake for 10-12 minutes or till done.

Choco fill Cookie Muffins

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