BM # 33 Week 4 Day 3
Ghevar is a traditional Indian sweet and is made out of all purpose flour. The sweet is available at all sweet shops . Those of you who are not aware of this sweet, let me tell you that all purpose flour batter is made, which is poured and then fried  in ghee after which sugar syrup is sprinkled. My brother had got me a big box of this sweet, since the sweet is made of maida and is fried obviously it was difficult to finish it.Besides I wanted to make a fusion dessert with this.

One evening while we blogger friends were chatting at what’s app, we were discussing left over sweets and at that time it struck me to make this dessert. I quickly made this dessert and sent the picture to the friends.I was not sure if the dessert would set. So if it would set it would be a mousse and if not it would go in the deep freeze and we could have enjoyed ghevar kulfi. It was left overnight in the frig. Next day I observed it had set beautifully. So it was named Chocolate Ghevar Mousse.

This is my last post for the chocolate theme in the final week of BM # 33

500 ml full fat milk
100 gms dark chocolate
100 gms malai ghevar
Boil milk.
Add the ghevar , stir the milk once or twice.
As soon as the ghevar melts add cooking chocolate.
Let it melt.
Switch off the gas and pour the dessert into bowls.
Once it comes to room temperature cover with a cling film and place it in the frig.
The dessert will set in 3-4 hours.

Since the gevar is made of maida it served as a thickening agent. I did not add any sugar as gevar was sweet and the sweetness of chocolate was enough to make it perfect.

This was a dessert that I carried to the gym , so some of my friends could taste and they just licked it off not bothering about the calories.

I made it in monsoon and had not covered the dessert, this resulted in moisture over the dessert.So make sure you cover it with a cling film.

Chocolate Gevar Mousse

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  1. I recently watched a you tube video of gevar making — very interesting technique, but I immediately thought to myself that this is something I would never ever make it in my life — too complicated.
    Very innovative use of gevar.. Lovely presentation.

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