BM #23   Day 2

The second day of BM ,we shall move from planning and actually get into form to create some goodies.

Normally we start with making chocolates.For this year  20 kgs of chocolate was ordered and about 10 kgs of mixed nuts.The nuts included walnuts, cashews almond and raisins.So in all we made 30kgs of chocolate.The ratio  and the choice of nuts is very personal, one can always vary on these.The procedure to make these is simple and actually does not take long if one has extra hands for help, which I had.

Chocolate Rocks
Cooking chocolate
Assorted nuts
(Roast almonds and cashews lightly)
Vanilla extract
A wee bit of butter for glaze

Make sure the chocolate slab is at room temperature.
Break the slab into small pieces.
Place a pot of water to heat.
In another pan place the chocolate pieces.
Place the pan with chocolate pieces over the pot of water.
Make sure the water does not touch the pot with the chocolate pieces.
Once the chocolate starts melting , give a few good stirs.
Once it melts remove from the boiler and add the prepared nuts.
Stir in the vanilla extract and butter.
Place spoon fulls of chocolate nut mix on the tray which has been lined with a butter paper.
Place these in a refrigerator  to set.
Since we make in a large quantity we place these trays in a air conditioned room for more than 24 hours.
Once these chocolate set, remove from the paper and once again leave them open in the air conditioned room for a few hours.
These chocolates are now ready to be packed.

chocolate boxes ready to be dispatched, while the sweets are still in the process

Unfortunately all the pics I took while making these got deleted .I stil cant understand how this happened.I guess too many things happening while I was leaving for my holiday!! .

Getting back to work!..after the chocolates are done we work on  the sweets.We made 40kgs of Kaju Mithai and 25kgs of Nutty Fig Roll.Both the recipes are there on the blog.

We try to make the sweets in batches of 10kgs, and as soon as it gets set, it is packed and dispatched .

Luckily these pics got saved…..

the fig rolls stacked in the frig
 the kaju  mithai ..packed in the boxes

Come back tomorrow to see the Diwali Meal

Chocolate Rocks, Sweets for Diwali

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