The minute I hear of Jaggery and sesame combination the first thing that comes to my mind is Til ki Chikki..but with rainy season, and humid climate one can never get the chikki right, it will become soggy in minutes. Time to exercise the brain for Kalyani’s Magic Mingle, monthly event where we get two star ingredients.Some of the friends have already posted but my brain cells refused to function..till I stared hard at the open frig..yes, I knew what I had to cook..Beet Root Halwa.This is a very nutritious halwa , where I added jaggery and seasame seeds along with poppy seeds and some nuts.I gave it a little twist, had some coconut barfi…so used to give the halwa a stuffing!!

2cups……… beet root
¾ cup……… jaggery
½ cup ………milk
1tsp………… poppy seeds
1tsp …………sesame seeds
½ tsp………. cardamom pwd
Nuts for garnishing
Coconut barfi (optional)

Peel and grate the beet root.
Add ½ tsp ghee and roast the beet root.
Add milk, let cook.
Add poppy seeds, sesame seeds and cardamom pwd.
Let cook till the milk has evaporated.
By this time the beet should be tender too, if you feel it is raw add some more milk and cook.
Add grated jaggery and 1tsp ghee.
Cook till all the moisture has gone .
Garnish with nuts.

If you want to add the coconut barfi, place half the halwa in a bowl, place the crumbled barfi making the second layer and  pressing with hands, top up with halwa. Place it in the frig for ½ hour, and demould. Garnish with nuts.

This halwa turned out really delicious, with sesame and poppy seeds giving a mild crunch.

Coconut stuffed Beet Root Halwa

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